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  1. jodyjohnson

    5E 70% standard and the Ranger options

    During the D&D Beyond previews by Todd Kenreck both Mike Mearls and Jeremy Crawford mentioned the 70% approval metric they are shooting for when adding content to the game. I haven't seen any discussion on this but it seems like that would have some repercussions on elements like the Ranger...
  2. jodyjohnson

    5E Hit Points as a Ki Force Shield or a Life Force Field

    According to the Monk flavor-text, Ki is magical life energy flowing through living creatures. Life force. Thus living creatures have Ki around them and a part of them that certain Monk powers can disrupt. What if that Ki or life force energy actually acted as a Force Field? Here's are some...
  3. jodyjohnson

    5E Falling Rules and actually Falling

    Firstly, I think I would use an idea I've seen suggested a number of times that falling damage be based on size rather than just being d6 per 10'. HD size per 10' seems appropriate: slightly more dangerous for medium sized creatures (d8) and hugely more dangerous for the largest creatures and...
  4. jodyjohnson

    5E Changing Expertise and Ability Check Resolution - House Rule

    Problems: 1. Perceived need to proliferate Expertise (doubled proficiency bonus) to sub-classes beyond Bard and Rogue and the expectation that Expertise is required to actually excel at a skill. 2. Skill check number porn. Especially stealth and perception; and other opposed checks. 3. Lack...
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    5E The 200gp Elephant Mount in the PHB

    The same could be true of horses. Or certainly the T-Rexes in the new ToA AP.
  6. jodyjohnson

    5E The 200gp Elephant Mount in the PHB

    So anywhere but Australia. Potentially more so in a fantasy world with dinosaurs and dragons. Colossal dragons and rocs have to eat.
  7. jodyjohnson

    5E The 200gp Elephant Mount in the PHB

    Does anyone actually let their players buy an elephant mount for 200 gp? How much is the upkeep? In my game that '200 gp' elephant is a draft animal with a high upkeep actually costing 2000gp (the same as a hippogriff). I'd charge about 4000 gp for a fully trained war elephant (the same as a...
  8. jodyjohnson

    5E Phantom Steed duration beyond damage.

    Reading the effect of when the spell ends it seems like when the Steed loses it's '1' hp it still is useable for another minute. Is that how other DMs would rule the spell?
  9. jodyjohnson

    5E 103 Days - 1381 products

    Subtracting the WotC Art packets and maps. Just past the 100 day mark, we have an average of 13+ products a day. Hundreds of authors and 3 products highlighted by Mearls and co. Just over a week until the second UA highlighting DMs Guild products. Products from the first UA are hanging at...
  10. jodyjohnson

    5E The Warlord posted on DMs Guild

    It would love to be able to just google-drop images into these documents (well at least the one published on DMs Guild). Fire Kirin Now he's angry.
  11. jodyjohnson

    5E The Warlord posted on DMs Guild

    The revised Warlord has been posted on DMs Guild. The revised version adds the Diplomat subclass and updates many of the abilities to be more straightforwaard. This includes Commands and full inspirational healing. Also included is the revised Marshal as an alternate version that uses Ki or...
  12. jodyjohnson

    5E Warlord Class is Available on DMs Guild!

    The Warlord class for 5th Edition based on discussion and feedback here in EN World! The Warlord Class with 6 Archetypes for 5th Edition Restore Hit Points, recuscitate the recently 'killed' and spur your allies to action. A non-magical support class for campaigns or players looking for a...
  13. jodyjohnson

    5E Reviews of Warlordish options - Starting with the Noble

    The Noble – EN World En5ider Article “Chessmasters & Commanders” Available on In5ider. No direct link. This document has the formatting of an article but is principally 6 pages of pure rules crunch with 3 pieces of art. The Noble class is an interesting design as it has very minimal abilities...
  14. jodyjohnson

    5E 9 1/2 Warlords

    To Be Fair, I was going with the Marshal as a class name - with a side of Warlord.
  15. jodyjohnson

    So The Jester Made it In

    It's a work in progress but I'm almost there. By Etch A Sketch.
  16. jodyjohnson

    Considerations when Designing a Warlord.

    Unless it is like the Beastmaster and brings its own lackey. I had a rough write up of a MasterBlaster (Mad Max) or Jasmine and Rajah class that had two units but divides the activities between one regular Action (2 moves, 2 potential Reactions, 2 potential Bonus actions).
  17. jodyjohnson

    Alternate Damage Expressions - Variance & Better Criticals

    While looking at the Beastmaster Animal Companion damage amounts, it became apparent that if the very small beasts were brought into viable damage amounts (through adding proficiency) they would still be weak on criticals and generally be pretty boring due to no dice. Plus I wanted a way to...
  18. jodyjohnson

    5E Pteranodon Ranger

    Vultures in 5e are Medium. Much larger than even a real world Condor, but viable for a fantasy world. Probably a Jackal, but imagine a Wolf. It's the creatures they eat. If a small character can ride a vulture, pterodactyl seems fine.
  19. jodyjohnson

    Replacement Limbs in D&D - see Lingering Injuries table

    Now in RAW 5th edition it is pretty rare to lose a limb. Short of some dismembering of the dead, the only thing that can do that is 1 magic item (Sword of Sharpness) or I think maybe trolls have an optional table for that. However, with the Lingering Injuries table, losing a hand, foot, arm or...
  20. jodyjohnson

    Spells for a Necromancer wannabe without the corpses

    As a huge fan of Constructor style Artificer and Golem creation, here are a few spells for players who want the minions without grave robbing: Animate Dummy 3rd-level transmutation Casting Time: 1 minute Range: 10 feet Components: V, S, M (a drop of blood, flint, and a pinch of bone dust)...