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    Adaption/Enhancing Tomb of Annihilation's Dungrunglung

    Hello, I've been running a (heavily addapted) Tomb of Annihilation in Eberron, putting Chult in the lost continent of Xen'drik. So I'm preparing to use Dungrunglung in my campaign, and I have two issues with it for witch I'd like a few opinions on fellow setting fans (and more experienced...
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    5E D&D Miniatures in London

    Dear All, I live in Brazil, where it's hard and expensive to find D&D Miniatures (the old Skirmish or new WizKids ones...), but soon I'll have a trip to London, where I heard there are many game/hobby stores. Since their websites don't turn anything interesting in that sense, any suggestions...
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    Hit & Run Encounter

    Hi all! I'm prepping a ToA session (in Eberron!) with my player's characters travelling the forest, and I want a tribe of Drow to use hit and run tactics against the players in one (or more?) days. How would you rule that?
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    Half Orc Druid (Land)

    I'd like tips on making a Half-orc Druid (Land:Grass) for an Eberron game. Could you please help me? Dump stats? Spell selection? Overall combat scheme?
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    5E Tomb of Annihilation in Eberron

    #SPOILERS AHEAD# I'm expecting to run Tomb of Annihilation in Eberron in the foreseable future, but I'm having a little creativity-gap in how to adapt some tings, so here I'm to ask for help! :) If anyone knows how to set up a button to hide/collapse parts of the text (as used in may guides)...
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    5E New WotC Products: Character Sheets Confirmed

    Definately, one of the products is a new deluxe character sheets...