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    ZEITGEIST Polyhistor cheat sheet

    After one of my players expressed some frustration at the complexity of the Polyhistor paragon path, I got inspired to make a one-page reference guide to try to make it easier. Note that I did take some liberties with the path... I renamed some effects to make them a little more accurate...
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    ZEITGEIST Hewanharimau and the Sacrament

    My group's just finished their second session in Chapter 8, Diaspora. This point hasn't come up at the table, but it's something I wondered about: is there any connection to the ancient story of Hewanharimau and the Demonocracy's Sacrament of Apotheosis? I mean, a god appears in the mortal...
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    ZEITGEIST Flint/Populist Prestige

    My group just finished Chapter 7, and after updating their Prestige level with various groups, I noticed their Flint (or Populist) Prestige was looking pretty low. After a cursory glance through the Act 1, 2, and 3 pdfs (4e), mainly at the 'Rewards' section at the beginning of each Chapter...
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    ZEITGEIST Missing Planer [sic] Tiles

    Is there any plan to include Jiquus, Regulus, and Patricalus in tile form so they can be used alongside the others during the final encounter of Zeitgeist's final chapter?
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    ZEITGEIST Improvised (partial) Colossus mini!

    So imagine the look on my parents' faces when I asked them to find me a mannequin head for my birthday. Here's what I ended up getting...
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    ZEITGEIST Return to the Vault: Angelic Rescue

    Not really a question (though tips or advice are welcome), just a story I wanted to share from my table from last session. (Behold my player's custom-commissioned illustration). ^ This is Kida, elven monk/seeker and Vekeshi Mystic. She hates the Clergy (note her brooch: a hook jabbed through...
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    Something I've been wondering about, not sure if it came up in a previous thread... Twice, the party comes across the following "poem," once on the skull of the dragon Cheshimox, and once on the stock of Kvarti's rifle (supposedly carved from a giant's thigh-bone): "Cry out for at the end of...
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    ZEITGEIST ZG #11 (4e) Concerns

    Hi, I just got my free download of ZG#11, and I have some concerns about elements that seem to be missing/erroneous... There is no monster stat block for "critic angel swarms." There is no monster stat block for Ashima-Shimtu. :( :( :( (a minor issue) Hezophiel's stat block says that...
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    ZEITGEIST Chapter 10: niche-case scenario

    Spoilers ahead if you've not yet read chapter 10. So I'm probably the only GM that will ever need this question answered. And it's kind of an opinion-based manner, so I'd love if multiple people weighed in on this. In chapter 10, the Ob move Av across the solar system. This has the...
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    ZEITGEIST Posession and Gestalt, ch7

    So how do the vessel attacks work? On page 39 there is a list of individual attack bonuses for each npc, but the ritual writeup on page 74 states their attack bonus is based on the degree of the ritual's success. I can find nowhere in the pdf where both of these attack rolls are mentioned in the...
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    ZEITGEIST Confusion about Chapter 7's future impact.

    A) In chapter 7, Catherine Romana leads the Colossus faction, which Nicodemus then targets with his violent purge of the more corrupt Obscurati members. How is it she's not only still alive in Chapter 9, but trusted with enacting a crucial move against Risur? How does Nicodemus still trust her...
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    ZEITGEIST Releasing Linia from the Vault of Heresies

    I just finished running Crypta Hereticarum for my group (as part of chapter 4), and it was awesome! But there's one problem... They want to go back. Specifically, they want to release Linia, and they have at least two ideas to do so (possibly more that they aren't telling me): Use the...
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    ZEITGEIST Golden icon of Apet (in Chapter 9)

    Spoilers inbound. There's a brief mention in Chapter 9 that if the players are still holding onto any of the four Golden icons, they'll gain their Axis-island-only properties for a brief period. However, the Apet icon had no such ability listed, since there was pretty much no way for the heroes...
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    ZEITGEIST Hero Forge: Lya Jierre

    Second try, a little taller. Maybe 80% or so of the Height slider. Seems the items are a bit off, in terms of scale. And I'm not seeing the option to mess with those.
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    ZEITGEIST Hero Forge: Lya Jierre

    So Hero Forge is looking pretty cool. I'm thinking about getting a mini for Lya, since she tends to show up a lot :P Wondering if anyone had any comments/tips for getting her 'right' before I make the purchase. You can't see it well in this pose, but there's a revolver in her off hand.
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    ZEITGEIST Methia and Artifacts.

    It's stated somewhere in Chapter 8 that artifacts still function in Methia, since they have their own reserve of magic that operates independently of the flow of magic through the rest of the world - this is why the Arc of Reida works there. It doesn't mention specifically any of the artifact...
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    ZEITGEIST Horrifying magical mishap: incoming.

    Because I just know one of my players is going to be boneheaded enough to try this at one point... What would happen if someone were to fill a Wayfarer's Lantern with witchoil and light it?
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    ZEITGEIST Ghost portrait

    Since Amielle and Macbannin get ghost versions of their portraits, would it be possible to get one for Nicodemus as well (with the blue-skin treatment)? I'd like to be able to use it for adventure 8.
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    ZEITGEIST Question about eladrin lifetimes (Diaspora)

    Okay, so this mostly concerns Diaspora, but technically I'm only in Chapter 4 right now. One of my players asked the question, "Is it common for there to be eladrin who have been alive since the Great Malice?" and I didn't really know how to respond. I know Kasvarina has of course, but she and...
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    ZEITGEIST Confused about gold totals (4e)

    In adventure three, the text says the players should have "about 12,800 gold" per person by the end. But if you total all the adventures' stipends up to that point (and add 100gp for starting gold), you get 17,395. After building a spreadsheet to examine things further, I noticed several...