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    Tower-Blade Adept

    Some psychic warriors stumble upon a method of enhancing their melee skills by merging their psicrystals with a weapon. The crystal channels the forces of the Tower of Earth into the weapon. This is believed by most Adepts to simply focus the adepts power by creating an artifical focus for the...
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    Notes on the Aether (Rae judging)

    OOC: just takeing the adventure here because we're clogging the RDI and appear to have a party.
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    Custom Cold based Psychic Warrior Powers

    Just a couple of ideas I had. Auric's Bladeblizzard Psychokinesis [Cold] Level: Psychic warrior 2 Display: Visual Manifesting Time: 1 standard action Range: Touch Target: 1 wielded weapon Duration: 1 round Saving Throw: none Power Resistance: Yes Power Points: 3 You form a link between yourself...
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    Crystal Psiweapon feat, Take 2

    CRYSTAL PSIWEAPON [Psionic] You can implant a personality fragment in a psionic weapon. Prerequisite: Manifester level 1st Benefit: You can seed a personality fragment in an existing masterwork crystal or psionicly enhanced weapon, granting the weapon sentience as a psicrystal. The seeded weapon...
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    Tome of Battle - Book of the Nine Swords

    Well, I just wanted to start the discussion on allowing things from this book. I've played both swordsages and warblades at low levels face to face, and they are in my observations pretty balanced against everything except straight fighters, which is kind of weak, as always. Comments?
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    New Double Scimitar Feats

    Double Scimitar Finesse [General, Fighter] Prereqs: BAB+4, WF(Double scimitar), WS (double scimitar) or Bladebearer of the Valenar, TWF, Dex 15 Benefits: You may add your dex modifier instead of your STR modifier to your attacks with a double scimitar. Valenar Bladestorm (General, Fighter)...