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  1. DreamChaser

    4E WA - Bellingham (2 4e players looking)

    Hey, My friend and I run games for each other but we've never had the chance to play together in a game. We're hoping that's where you come in. We looking for a 4e game, any world though we do have a fondness for Eberron. We're both late 20s / early 30s and have lives to go along with our...
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    Forked Thread: Multiclassing for at-wills

    Forked from: Multiclassing for at-wills I actually did exactly was decried as too powerful without suggestions for improving it...perhaps here we can discuss balancing it. Of course, the core issue was that the OP wanted a way to get a multiclass at will as an at will w/o paragon...
  3. DreamChaser

    Paragon - extra at will

    How broken is this idea...I'm toying with a couple of implementations: Multiclass Versatility (paragon) Prereq: 11+ level, Any multiclass feat, any power swap feet Benefit: Choose one at will power from your additional class; you can use this power as an at-will power. OR / AND Versatile Hero...
  4. DreamChaser

    Psionic Powers?

    So we have the following nomenclature so far: Martial powers = exploits Arcane powers = spells Divine powers = prayers What will they call psionic powers? In the past it has been "powers" but this seems like it will cause confusion. Similarly, what will they call shadow powers...
  5. DreamChaser

    Response to Psionics Nerf (Move from inappropriate placement in House Rules thread)

    The reason (in my humble opinion) that issue #1 (psions going nova using all their power points in one shot) ever comes up is because DMs allow psionics for their players and then forget to add them into the rest of the game. There are remarkably few attacks that can strip a wizard or sorcerer...
  6. DreamChaser

    Summoner core class (ToM & MoI)

    Hey everyone. I came up with this class, clearly inspired by Final Fantasy and using the systems of Magic of Incarnum and Tome of Magic to flesh it out. I'd love some feedback about the abilities, the implementation, the power level, etc. I'll attach it as an RTF and copy and paste it here as...
  7. DreamChaser

    Sneak Attack Undead Feat for you to attack

    What do ya'll think of this feat? Undead Hunter You know how to strike undead so it hurts. Prerequisite: Favored Enemy-Undead +4 or Knowledge (religion) Rank 8, Sneak Attack +3d6. Benefit: While using a +1 or better magical weapon, you can strike at the very heart of the energy that animates a...
  8. DreamChaser

    Character Portrait help

    hey. some of my players like being able to find portraits for their characters but are having trouble finding them. Does anyone have any suggestions as to sites where such things might be found? Any suggestions would be great. Thanks in advance. DC
  9. DreamChaser

    Help. XPH Classes

    i don't have my books with me. what are the save types for Soulknife and Pyrokineticist. I'm pretty sure that SK has good will and fort but I'm not sure. I'm at work and don't have my books with me. DC
  10. DreamChaser

    Dead as a condition in the above thread at the Eberron boards, I realized that due to the power of rules lawyering, dead needs to be treated as a condition. There is implication of this in the glossary of the PH but they don't come right out...
  11. DreamChaser

    Purchasing feats?

    This has probably come up before, but I was just thinking: since characters are expected to use their wealth to gain magical items (or magical items count as part of their wealth) would their be a problem with allowing characters to pay (out the nose, perhaps) to gain a new feat? Perhaps as a...
  12. DreamChaser

    Unified Spell Theory (in progress)

    For some time I have been working on an idea which is little more than an attempt to rectify the two major issues I have with D&D magic. The Problems First, is the lack of consistancy in an area of magic that should be extremely consistant: combat magic. The primary battle spells are, for the...
  13. DreamChaser

    An attempt to make the Mystic Theurge have a point

    I was looking around at the "Revision Spotlight" archive and it occured to me that the problem with the Mystic Theurge was not simply mechanical. It was actually that it was clearly a metagame PrC, designed to allow multiclass wizard/clerics to avoid much of the penalty for such a choice. No...
  14. DreamChaser

    Why do any prestige classes have weapon and armor proficiency?

    The title says it? Every Prc I've ever scene would have no reason to give new weapon training. They should either come into the class knowing the weapons or the class shouldn't worry about them at all. Any one have any ideas? DC
  15. DreamChaser

    A sorcerer idea: what would be the damage?

    What would be the net effect if the number of spells known for a sorcerer was a set number gained at each level up that could be chosen from any spell level (not counting cantrips--they would be handled separately)? So when a sorcerer went up a level, she would gain a set number of new spells...
  16. DreamChaser

    3.5 Feat/Skill based magic for 3e (brainstorm)

    After reading another thread (not really related) I got to thinking about how many alternative magic systems I've seen. It made me think that with everything floating around, we should put our heads together to create a system that fits within the existing d20 rules but allows magic to step...
  17. DreamChaser

    Can a spellcaster choose to do less?

    In situations where a spell's effect scales as the caster's level increases, can the spellcaster choose to reduce the effect from the maximum. For example 1d6 per level of the fireball...could a 9th level wizard choose to do 3d6 damage? 10 ft per level area of the Sunburst spell. Could a...
  18. DreamChaser

    My Monk: A Poll

    MONK There are those who turn their mind’s potential toward becoming the masters of their bodies. These unusual men and women are known as monks and their arts are understood by few. Little is known of the various disciplines of training that allow a monk to focus his mind and body together to...
  19. DreamChaser

    HELP!!! A gaming group quandary

    In a few months the group I DM for is going to end up disolving on account of two of the members contributing the the gene pool (darn babies). This will leave me searching for new gamers. What do you do to find new gamers? Any advice is appreciated. DC
  20. DreamChaser

    My monk--I want you to tear it up

    MONK There are those who turn their mind’s potential toward becoming the masters of their bodies. These unusual men and women are known as monks and their arts are understood by few. Little is known of the various disciplines of training that allow a monk to focus his mind and body together...