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  1. dave2008

    D&D 5E Here be Monsters: Godzilla!

    For some bizarre reason I have held off making kaiju for a long time. Well, I just didn't feel like doing work or much of anything else so I thought I would give it go with an expanded version of the mythic rules. Therefore, I give you the King of the Monsters: Godzilla (Mythic-10*, CR 30)...
  2. dave2008

    D&D 5E The Warrior (or how to balance martial's and casters)

    Ok, in response to @ehren37 ( and for @Micah Sweet ; @James Gasik ; and @vincegetorix ) over at @FrogReaver‘s thread: A Simple Houserule for Martial / Caster balance, I decide to make a 5e martial class the is balanced with capabilities of a Wizard. The quickest and easiest method I could...
  3. dave2008

    D&D General Building a better Tiamat

    You are probably not surprised to know that I am a Tiamat fan. I purchased the recent WizKids Tiamat and it is great. However, I have also always loved the old D&D Cartoon Tiamat. I am also fascinated by the idea of a more horrific elder god/ primordial, Babylonian creation god chimeric version...
  4. dave2008

    D&D General D&D across generations

    This popped up in my partner's facebook feed and I thought I would share (I may have posted it before). This is me, my children and their friends in our 4e game (the edition they learned D&D). They are about 10th level at the point this was taken. The battle map is a larger scale section of a...
  5. dave2008

    Pathfinder 2E PF2 house-rules / variant rules

    I realize there is not a large base of PF2 fans on EnWorld, but I don't see a lot of ideas about how to modify the game. So I was wondering if you play PF2 with house rules or variant rules, what are they and what are you trying to achieve with them.
  6. dave2008

    D&D 5E Fizban's doing well on Amazon

    Not exactly surprising, but Fizban's Treasury of Dragons is doing pretty well: #1 in D&D and #54 in all books a week after release on Amazon. EDIT: Interestingly the alternate cover is actually more expensive on Amazon?
  7. dave2008

    D&D 5E "Slayer" fighter archetype

    One of the thing we do to make fighters better fighters then other classes is to give them more OA triggers than other classes/creatures have. This works well for all fighters IMO, but I have always wanted fighters to be the best melee damage dealers, but never really had a good idea to...
  8. dave2008

    D&D General Is there a reason to visit WotC HQ?

    I'm going to Seattle soon for about 5 days and will have some free time. Is there any value or reason to visit WotC HQ? Is there a tour or anything worthwhile in visiting? Just curious if it is something I should look into or not. Thanks!
  9. dave2008

    D&D General Casting spells vs Magical features

    After perusing the Bards Should Be Half-Casters thread, it got me thinking about magic in D&D. Traditionally (I think) most magic was expressed by spells (or magic items). However, at some point classes began to get more and more magical features that were magical but not spells. Reflecting on...
  10. dave2008

    D&D 5E Encounter Building - It's not Deadly, its Epic!

    This probably old news to some, but today I stumbled across this article from DMDave: How to Create Epic Encounters and I thought some people might find it useful. It begins with a short rant / description of how "Deadly" encounter are not intended to actually be Deadly (neither the description...
  11. dave2008

    D&D 5E Project Darklords is Complete! (stats for VRGtR's Darklords)

    Project Darklords is complete! I have created stats for all of the Darklords (and then some) of the 17 Domains of Dread described in Chapter 3 of Van Richten's Guide to Ravenloft. These are all based on the suggested stat blocks in Chaper 3, but I could help giving them the Elite (LevelUp's...
  12. dave2008

    D&D 5E Codex of the Mind - Psionics for 5e

    I just notice the egg highlighted a new kickstart in his weekly Crowdfunding News column that I thought would interest everyone who is clamoring for 5e psionic content. If so, you might be interested in this book from Paradigm Concepts: Codex of the Mind - A Complete Psionics System for 5E...
  13. dave2008

    D&D General Progressive Spells?

    I was thinking about the magic in D&D today and how some magic in D&D comes at such a low level compared to what we see in most fiction. That lead me to the idea of requiring spells to be learned in progression. So in order to learn the fly spell, you must learn the spells: gust of wind and...
  14. dave2008

    D&D 5E Dragon + Issue 37: Van Richten's Guide Issue

    Issue #37 of Dragon+ is available now (click on the image). Table of Contents:
  15. dave2008

    Level Up (A5E) Level Up: An issue of class names

    I know Level Up has changed some of the class names (no more monks or paladins). However, will all the class names change? I was having a discussion with @Morrus and @Mike Myler about compatibility and Legendary Adventures and I had the thought: To avoid confusion, Level Up should use all new...
  16. dave2008

    D&D General Free Maps and Tokens for VTT

    I found these free maps and tokens on Deviantart that some may enjoy: Caeora It looks like you have to go to their paetron to download them, but they are quite nice and free. I thought someone here might find a use for them. Here are some examples: Goblins: Grid Tomb: Yawning Portal...
  17. dave2008

    Level Up (A5E) Survey Results?

    @Morrus . I was just checking out the Level Up survey page, and I noticed that only 2 survey results are listed (Broad outlines and Fighter). Have you shared the other results elsewhere or are you planning to share any more results? One thing I have found frustrating with WotC UA articles is...
  18. dave2008

    Pathfinder 2E Is it time for a new Pathfinder Setting?

    I just noticed the new 5e Ravenloft setting book was #1 in D&D and #40 in books and I thought wow, this setting is really popular (not my taste personally). Then I thought, should Paizo make a new setting(s) for Pathfinder? After 10 yrs of Golarion only, would a new setting inject some new...
  19. dave2008

    D&D 5E ASCENSION, The Codex of Exalted, Book 2: GameMaster's Guide

    Cover by SickJoe Ascension is my tribute to Epic/Immortal games in Dungeons & Dragons. I grew up pouring over and daydreaming about the gods and monsters that filled the pages of the 1st edition AD&D Deities and Demigods. It was not only one of the foundations of my introduction to Dungeons &...
  20. dave2008

    D&D 5E ASCENSION, The Codex of Exalted, Book 3: Friends & Foes

    Cover by Alexander Sorensen Ascension is my tribute to Epic/Immortal games in Dungeons & Dragons. I grew up pouring over and daydreaming about the gods and monsters that filled the pages of the 1st edition AD&D Deities and Demigods. It was not only one of the foundations of my introduction to...