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  1. nyarly23

    Level Up (A5E) Heightened Reflexes and spellcasting

    I was thinking more along the lines of instant reaction spells, like Arcane Riposte or Counterspell (yes, very expensive slotwise). I just find it odd/interesting that a combat maneuver could grant any sort of reactions. I wonder if the intent was to limit the extra reactions to maneuvers? That...
  2. nyarly23

    Level Up (A5E) Heightened Reflexes and spellcasting

    The Heightened Reflexes maneuver states: "You gain a number of reactions equal to exertion points spent. You must use these reactions before the start of your next turn." Can multiple spells with a reaction casting time be cast this way? Is this intended, or could it be an undesired exploit?
  3. nyarly23

    Level Up (A5E) Warning Strike and Guarded Warrior

    Warning Strike maneuver: Make a reaction attack vs a creature that moves out of your reach. This is not specified as an opportunity attack. Can it be used in a "forced movement" or Disengage situation? Guarded Warrior feat: Is the first bullet point (opp attack vs Disengage) rendered redundant...
  4. nyarly23

    Level Up (A5E) Press the Attack, Fall Back, Warning Strike

    If an attacker uses Press the Attack and the target uses Fall Back, can the attacker counter with the Warning Strike maneuver? If so, and they hit, reducing the target's speed to 0, do they retain their attack advantage? Does the target retain their attack disadvantage?
  5. nyarly23

    Level Up (A5E) Herald Exertion

    I have a few questions about the Herald's exertion pool: 1) Is there a limit to how many points a herald can have in their temporary exertion pool? 2) Can a herald recover points in their temporary exertion pool (via short rest or expending Hit Dice)? 3) When a herald multiclasses with...