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  1. Dax Doomslayer

    D&D 5E Ideas for modules to lead into Red Hand of Doom 5E (excluding HotDQ & Sunless Citadel)

    Hi Folks, I was curious about if anyone has done RHoD in 5E and if so, if they've used any pre-made modules to lead into it. I'm running two campaigns, one is a HotDQ/SKT/RoT mashup. Another one will start shortly and I kind of want to keep the same theme (as these people are in the first) but...
  2. Dax Doomslayer

    D&D Movie/TV D&D Movie Moves Forward With Deal With Former Marvel Exec Jeremy Latcham

    It looks like the D&D movie is moving forward and is being written by Jonathan Goldstein and directed by John Francis Daley.
  3. Dax Doomslayer

    D&D 5E Please critique the following Homebrew Barbarian path "Path of the Storm Wielder"

    Hi Folks, I was wondering if the following is balanced. I have a player wanting a certain flavor and the Storm Herald doesn't quite 'hit the target'. We've been working together on how to craft what they are trying to do. I think having 2 abilities at level 10 is a potential issue but was...
  4. Dax Doomslayer

    D&D 5E Bless Spell and Total Cover / Line of Sight

    Hi Folks, The spell bless states: "You bless up to three creatures of your choice within range. Whenever a target makes an Attack roll or a saving throw before the spell ends, the target can roll a d4 and add the number rolled to the attack roll or saving throw." I was wondering, can the...
  5. Dax Doomslayer

    Line Spells / Lightning Bolt

    Hi Folks, Quick question. Can a lightning bolt cast effectively act as 10' wide on a square grid? Looking at Xanthar's (p. 87 Diagram 2.6), it essentially looks like this is a way to adjudicate it. Essentially, someone casting a lightning bolt down the grid line so it goes half into both...
  6. Dax Doomslayer

    Decent Kickstarter for Miniatures (the Dwarf minis rock)!

    Not to sound like a shill for this (I have no affiliation but I really like the minis and I backed the KS and hope it funds) but for those looking for some really nice miniature sculpts (dwarves; vamps; kobolds, ogre, black dragon and undead etc), there is a Kickstarter going on from a group...
  7. Dax Doomslayer

    Kickstarter Miniature Kickstarter over at Tomb Guardians (the Dwarf minis rock)!

    I have no affiliation with this company but the minis they are showing look pretty nice. I just figured I'd mention it. I love the Dwarf minis in particular (though the King is only offered if you get 3 people to pledge $25 so I'll be missing out on that figure which is a bummer)...That said...
  8. Dax Doomslayer

    D&D 5E Gloomstalker / Scout Multiclass

    Hi Folks, I'm going to be playing in an HotDQ-RoT / SKT mashup adventure and I was thinking of doing a Gloom Stalker / Scout. It's a 75 points, point buy system with a maximum of 16 (before racial bonuses). I was actually thinking of doing a Firbolg for this as it seems like it may fit in...
  9. Dax Doomslayer

    D&D 5E 5E Gloom Stalker / Scout

    Hi Folks, I'm going to be playing in an HotDQ-RoT / SKT mashup adventure and I was thinking of doing a Gloom Stalker / Scout. It's a 75 points, point buy system with a maximum of 16 (before racial bonuses). I was actually thinking of doing a Firbolg for this as it seems like it may fit in...
  10. Dax Doomslayer

    Thoughts on a Cantrip fo r Half-Elf Variant Paladin

    Hi Folks, I was just trying to pick a cantrip for my 1st lvl Half-Elf paladin. What are people's thoughts as to a good one that would synergize with an Oath of the Ancients vow. There's the old stand by Booming Blade or Green Flame Blade but I was trying to see if there was anything else...
  11. Dax Doomslayer

    Unable to use any of the Random Generators

    Hi Folks, I must be doing something wrong I'm sure, but for some reason, I the random generators have never worked for me. I've tried it in both Chrome and Microsoft Edge. I choose Resources>>Random Generators>>then choose any generator there. It brings me to a page to "execute" the...
  12. Dax Doomslayer

    Traveling by Long Ship on the Sword Coast

    Hi Folks, I've never really done a 'ship' type element all too much. I have PCs going from Neverwinter to Baldur's Gate by ship which is about a 10 day trip. I could hand wave it and just say it goes uneventful. However, I'd like a couple of encounters (any type - not necessarily combat but...
  13. Dax Doomslayer

    Forgotten Realms Travel Time between Greenest and Nightstone

    Hi Folks, Hopefully an easy question. Does anyone know what the distance / travel time between Greenest (HotDQ) and Nightstone (Storm King's Thunder). Thanks!!
  14. Dax Doomslayer

    Combining Tyranny of Dragons; Red Hand of Doom and Storm King's Thunder

    Hey Folks, I've got this idea to combine these four books. I'm wondering if anyone has done this, if so, how did it go? Would this end up being 'too busy' with too much going on from a player's perspective? Has anyone tried to do this out of curiosity. It looks like it should work although...
  15. Dax Doomslayer

    D&D 5E Mirror Image vs. Hold Person (and other non-targeting attacks)

    Hi Folks, I was wondering what people think about how Mirror Image would affect spells that don't require a 'to hit' roll or even area effect spells (i.e. Fireball). Would it still protect the caster? I'm just curious what people do with this. Mirror Image indicates each time a creature is...
  16. Dax Doomslayer

    D&D 5E Light Cleric's Warding Flare

    Hi Folks, A situation popped up in our current game with the Light Cleric and Warding Flare. The power states: "Also at lst level, you can interpose divine light between yourself and an attacking enemy. When you are attacked by a creature within 30 feet of you that you can see, you can use...
  17. Dax Doomslayer

    D&D 5E Dragonborn Breath Weapon vs. Dragonborn Fear

    Hi Folks, I was wondering what people thought about offering the option for Dragonborn PCs to choose either the breath weapon vs. the Xanathar's Guide dragon fear feat option at creation. Then obviously they could take the breath weapon as the feat later if they so chose. I appreciate any...
  18. Dax Doomslayer

    D&D 5E 5E Conversion of Red Hand of Doom

    Hey Folks, I was wondering if anyone happened to do a conversion to 5E for the 3.5 module Red Hand of Doom. There seems to be a good deal of 'specials' (Wyrmlords; Special Minions and even some of the rank in file "Doom" creatures and Dragonspawn) in this module and my 'Monster-fu' / Encounter...
  19. Dax Doomslayer

    D&D 5E Racial Weapons

    Hi Folks, I understand the 5E simplicity for weapons and armor. That said, I've been toying with the idea of creating a "Racial Weapon Feat" and adding some racial weapons as options. Basically, these weapons would be available potentially to be used by anyone but without the feat, it would be...
  20. Dax Doomslayer

    D&D 5E Movement & Readied Action

    Hi Folks, A quick clarification on this. I understand that one cannot move and attack using a readied action. However, can one move on their turn and then ready their action and be able to attack as their reaction? I would think one could do this but it isn't overtly clear to me (as I'm not...