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  1. Grogg of the North

    Pathfinder 1E Healing a disease

    The goblin rogue in my campaign has been infected by magical crystals that spread by corrupting organic matter into more magical crystals. The rogue has survived long enough to make it back to his village and is asking the shamans for help in curing his affliction. Now, while I could just say...
  2. Grogg of the North

    Pathfinder 1E Soulbound Doll

    If a PC were to remove the focus for a Soulbound Doll (Bestiary 2), could they communicate with the soul trapped inside?
  3. Grogg of the North

    Silly Character Drawbacks

    With many RPG systems encouraging you to have a flaw/drawback for your character, I was wondering what the silliest drawback you've ever given a character was. I'm thinking things like "Terrified of bees" or "Severe nut allergy". Did your GM incorporate them into the game? What happened?
  4. Grogg of the North

    Pathfinder 1E What a black dragon wants

    I'm running a We Be Goblins! campaign for my group. One of my players is playing a sorcerer with the draconic bloodline. She claims to be descended from "the mighty dragon Blargggh". All of my players have picked up this idea and ran with it. Now at the end of We Be 5uper Goblins, the party...
  5. Grogg of the North

    Pathfinder 1E Tailing Someone

    My party is going to be following someone soon. Their goal is to follow the mark to wherever he is going and see what he's up to. How do I make this interesting? I don't want it to be "Ok, roll stealth. ... Alright, he doesn't notice you". The dice do seem to hate me so I try not to put...
  6. Grogg of the North

    Pathfinder 1E Halfling Wedding Gifts

    You've been invited to a halfling wedding and are expected to bring a gift. What do you bring? The loving couple also happen to be a couple of leg breakers for the local organized crime family. And the whole family is involved. (Yes, I am trying to fish for ideas to add to my party's loot. ;) )
  7. Grogg of the North

    Pathfinder 1E We Be Goblins as a Campaign (mini spoilers?)

    My current GM needs a break to recharge his batteries and I'm going to be running the table. I'd like to run the We Be Goblins Modules (4,1,2,3,5) as a mini campaign. I'm just wondering if anyone here has done this. Advice, pit falls, etc. Also, depending on how this goes, I may continue the...
  8. Grogg of the North

    Pathfinder 1E Staff of the Gormand

    I'm planning on throwing a silly magic staff in as loot in my next dungeon. It's a magical staff used by the goblin head chef in the dungeon's kitchen. It will look like an oversized wooden spoon. I'm thinking that it will allow the wielder to cast Create Water, Purify Food and Drink, Mage Hand...
  9. Grogg of the North

    Pathfinder 1E Fey Assassin

    I'm looking for a fey to use as an assassin. She came to town when the humans started logging her forest home and began to eliminate the settlers. I'm looking for suggestions on what type of fey to use. Maybe just take Green Hag and reskin it as a fey? Thoughts and suggestions?
  10. Grogg of the North

    You can't win this encounter

    Something that I've been seeing a lot lately is that the party should be faced with encounters that they cannot win. That they should run. My question to you is how do you convey this information to the party without being ham-fisted about it? Now there are the obvious clues like the dragon...
  11. Grogg of the North

    Where's Mom?

    I've been running a game set in a small town that is run by a lumber company. The lumber company is pretty despicable and is the true power in the town. The head of the lumber company has a son that is an alright kid despite his father. Now my players have started asking, "Where's mom?" Through...
  12. Grogg of the North

    A Growing Appreciation of Modules

    I have noticed something about my gaming habits over the last few years. I've come to appreciate modules more and more. Perhaps it's because when I first started to play D&D my DMs wrote everything themselves. And that's what I learned to do. And so, I turned my nose up at those pre-written...
  13. Grogg of the North

    Getting rid of those pesky forest squatters

    Suppose you're the evil dude in head of a lumber company. You want to expand deeper into a large forest full of darkwood. The problem is, there's a small clan of squatters in your forest! Now, you've been slowly bringing in mercenaries to your town for some time now under the guise of...
  14. Grogg of the North

    D&D 5E Curse of Strahd - What am I missing? (Possible spoilers?)

    Curse of Strahd seems to get universal acclaim. I was excited to play it. Yet, I found my experience lacking. I wouldn't say I hated it, that may be too strong a word, but I definitely found it disappointing. Now, I was a player and I have no idea what the DM altered, cut, or just simply forgot...
  15. Grogg of the North

    Confrontation with a robber baron

    I'm running a campaign that is set near a darkwood forest. The town is run by the nearby lumber company. The lumber company is already disinterested with the welfare of its workers. (Profits over people) A few of my players have expressed an interest in dealing with the town leadership. I'm...
  16. Grogg of the North

    Unexpected Deaths

    The worse has happened. You've just gotten ten minutes into a session and a PC has died. Maybe the dice were against them from the get go. Maybe the consequences of their actions finally caught up to them. And to top it off, they've crossed a point of no return and can't just hop back to town...
  17. Grogg of the North

    D&D General The Kobold King AP

    I've started running an adventure for my group and I'm using Hollow's Last Hope (D0) as a starting point. I'd like to move from that into Crown of the Kobold King (D1) and into Revenge of the Kobold King (D1.5). My plan to link this all together, which is alluded to in the modules, was that the...
  18. Grogg of the North

    Medusa's Gaze Attack

    Has anyone altered a medusa's gaze attack so that rather it being Save or Die it does something like dex damage or dex drain? Maybe something like 1d6 or 1d8 dex damage on a failed save? My players are going to come up on a covey of medusas and I'm thinking that forcing them to make four saves...
  19. Grogg of the North

    Demons Gaining New Spell Like Abilities

    I have a Glabrezu leading a cult. Is there anyway to expand his list of Spell Like Abilities either by feat or template?
  20. Grogg of the North

    Demons and Desecrate

    I have a large lair full of demons guarding a cult that wants to release the Demon Prince of Madness. I was wondering if there was a spell, ability, or item that would grant similar protections to the demons like desecrate and unhallow do for undead. Bonus to hit and HP, things like that...