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  1. Marc_C


    I only played traveller once in the early 80s. How is the current Mongoose (2016) version? Has the technology in the game followed the evolution in the real world?
  2. Marc_C

    [VTT] Going Back to VTT Instead of Live Play

    Strange thing happened in the last two months. I was very happy to go back to play face-to-face. I'm the DM but my home is not in a central location. The players don't have cars. I've decided to travel time of 25 minutes both ways for a 3 hour period is not worth it. Commute in public transit...
  3. Marc_C

    Escaping Violent Players

    I was a player in the first session of a Role Master new campaign early 90s. One player kept drinking beer and became increasingly more violent. He almost came to blows over a ridiculous role-play situation I barely recall. He threw is chair and displaced the table. That ended the campaign...
  4. Marc_C

    [AGE System] Creators Alliance

    Green Ronin finally opened their Community Creative Program on DrivethruRPG. It's called the AGE Creators Alliance. It is similar to the D&D DMGuild. I've been waiting for this. Might even participate with a few creations of my own. This will certainly boost adventure support for AGE. One of...
  5. Marc_C

    D20 OGL?

    Question: Does WoTC own the use of 1d20 roll equal or over? I've created a system different* from D&D but use 1d20 roll equal or over for roll resolution. Do I need to put the OGL in it? (*no classes, armour, damage, magic work differently)
  6. Marc_C

    Ted Lasso (Apple+)

    They won awards so I decided to watch it. OMG! Love it. Anyone is watching the show? I have to say with Fondation, For All Mankind, Ted Lasso and Mythic Quest I'm glad to have the service for free, for one year, because I bought a new MAC.
  7. Marc_C

    [PtbA] Any good YouTube I can watch?

    What Youtube channel do you recommend so I can watch how PtbA is played the right way?
  8. Marc_C

    [D&D Logic] Comedy Sketches on D&D

    When the background doesn't match the level of the character: I've had several of those over the years. :lol: :lol: :lol:
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    Suggestions Needed: Pulp weird science 1920s

    I'm looking for good 1920s pulp weird science modules or adventure paths. Nothing with supernatural elements or magic. Do you have any suggestions?
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    For All Mankind (Apple+)

    Started watching this a few days ago. It's an alternate reality 60-70s space race in which the USSR landed on the moon first! Nixon is foaming at the mouth and wants a win from Nasa. Created by Ronald D. Moore (Galactica reboot). I like this a lot. Another good adult sci-fi show.
  11. Marc_C

    Foundation Series (Apple+)

    Watched the first two episodes of Foundation last night on Apple+. Big budget, great actors and beautiful set design. Sci-fi for adults. The first half of episode one is slow because info-dump sci-fi concepts necessary to understand what Foundation is about. Things start moving after that. Liked...
  12. Marc_C

    Starfire 2e Task Force Game

    Every year I take out my old 80s Starfire space battle rule set and play a solitary game. Several years ago I bought 3 copies of Battleship Galaxies (Hasbro) to get the ships and the beautiful hex maps. I now have two fleets of 30 ships to play with. The ships were pre-painted but I added colour...
  13. Marc_C

    The Great Kilt, the Ultimate Survival Blanket?

    I want one! Seriously! If you want to get to the meat of the video go directly to 11:00 minutes. You can watch the rest after.
  14. Marc_C

    D&D General Best boat map product?

    I'm looking for ship battle maps. 1, 2 and 3 mast. Square grid. Physical maps not digital. Any suggestions?
  15. Marc_C

    [Star Wars Solitary] The Outer Rim Gambit

    As I stated earlier in the Outer Rim post I made about the FFG game of the same name I'm doing a solitary mini-campaign using the game's mechanics to generate the story. I opted for the d20 SAGA edition. 1) I randomly selected my solo character and got Lando Calrisian. I need to make the...
  16. Marc_C

    D&D 5E [Solitary Play] Dagenholt Campaign

    This campaign is a hex crawl created from scratch as I go along. I'm using the excellent 5e Solo Adventurers Toolbox and a few personal solo ideas I developed over the years. The battle mat is from Loke Battle Mats. _______________________ The adventurers are Gervish a level 2 rogue, Corden a...
  17. Marc_C

    Naming Contest: Coin a new rpg Word!

    Since we like to give ourselves savoury epithets, for example we have a term for people who constantly promote older edition in any D&D topic. Namely Grognards. We need a term for fans of FATE and PtbA who constantly promote the 'elegance and beauty' these games in any D&D topic they read. The...
  18. Marc_C

    Star Wars Outer Rim

    Bought this game just before Covid. Played last night for the first time. With two player it is fun. Playing again soon. There is definitely an RPG aspect to this boardgame. This morning I'm looking at it and I see the possibility of doing a completely random rpg SW campaign in which the DM...
  19. Marc_C

    How do you store and carry your dice?

    I use two plastic boxes. One mostly for d6s from various games and a second one for the other types of dice. I have tokens and glass beads. I also use a foldable dice tray.
  20. Marc_C

    Aliens RPG One-shot

    It's a d6 die pool much like their Mutant Year Zero game. The twist is that you have a stress level that goes up when faced with alien stuff. Stress is GOOD. It gives you more dice to roll because you want to kill the bug or get away. Stress is BAD because rolling more dice means possibly...