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  1. the Jester

    5.5E Elf as a class

    The interaction of race and class is an important decision point, even if you use the floating ASIs that are now all the rage, but even moreso if you stick to racial bonuses to specific stats. Hey, if you like it, go for it. I just don't think your first take is very good. I'd lean harder into...
  2. the Jester

    5.5E Elf as a class

    So you're taking the fighter chassis, slapping on eldritch knight subclass goodies, and adding in a few of the abilities available to other classes, including the rogues' signature ability, on top of it? I don't think this is balanced very well and I'm not sure how splashing in things like...
  3. the Jester

    D&D 5E How long are you willing to wait for a build to "turn on?"

    I saw a lot more of that in the 3e days, when everything had ten prerequisites. (Slight exaggeration included.)
  4. the Jester

    D&D 5E How long are you willing to wait for a build to "turn on?"

    That's just an example that is the farthest from my own style that I can think of. I'm just trying to say, "You go ahead and do your thing, even if it's not my thing."
  5. the Jester

    D&D 5E How long are you willing to wait for a build to "turn on?"

    That's very different from how I do it. I roll stats in order, see what looks interesting, and add character traits, alignment, and the like as I go along with filling in the character sheet, depending on when inspiration strikes me. My newest pc, for instance, didn't get his ideal, bond, and...
  6. the Jester

    D&D 5E How long are you willing to wait for a build to "turn on?"

    Oh, I'm not passing judgment about the validity of planning your build all the way to level 20 before you start making your character. It's just not my style. And obviously build vs. character is not a dichotomy. But you can absolutely have a character without a build, but except in terms of...
  7. the Jester

    D&D 5E How long are you willing to wait for a build to "turn on?"

    I guess. I don't start with a concept, though. I roll my stats in order and then see what looks cool from there. I don't worry much about what the character's future holds except in the vaguest way ("ooh, this guy might splash a little wizard in there sometime").
  8. the Jester

    D&D 5E How long are you willing to wait for a build to "turn on?"

    I don't mean to sound snarky, but I make characters, not builds. A build comes only as the character evolves and gains experience, and I rarely have even a subclass in mind when I start play (except when that comes at first level, of course).
  9. the Jester

    Buying to not use

    I buy as much rpg stuff for inspiration and reading enjoyment as I do for actual use in game. For instance, I buy older edition material still; I buy a few setting and adventure books that I know I'll never use (I'm an inveterate homebrewer); heck, I buy entire games I'll never play because they...
  10. the Jester

    D&D General With enough planning could Schizophrenia be used to allow A Pc to unknowingly also be The campaigns true and final villain?

    You're talking about basically taking control of a pc from the player, even if they don't realize it until late in the game. Strongly dislike, would not recommend.
  11. the Jester

    Describe your last rpg session in 5 words

    Fought dream versions of ourselves.
  12. the Jester

    D&D 5E would you let a PC learn a non spell magic power?

    Would you allow a pc to learn "Petrifying Gaze" from a friendly medusa?
  13. the Jester

    D&D 5E Is Tasha's More or Less The Universal Standard?

    I think I disallow more of it than I allow. I am very vigilant about power creep, and it is full of power creep. I'm also pretty hard against anything that removes or reduces the impact of meaningful choices, and it is full of things that do that, too.
  14. the Jester

    D&D 5E Let’s Read Mordenkainen Presents: Monsters of the Multiverse.

    Destroying a village doesn't actually get them any souls that they wouldn't have when the people died anyhow. Bargains and favors do.
  15. the Jester

    D&D 5E Explain: Mordenkainen's Monsters of the Multiverse

    I suspect the thinking is, "If it doesn't say it's a spell, it's not a spell" combined with "Why would something that's not a spell be a spell?" -ignoring the confusion over abilities that look, sound, and smell very much like spells.
  16. the Jester

    D&D 5E your fist level wizard has used their 2 spells. Now What?

    Why wouldn't you use your cantrip? It's probably more likely to hit than a dagger or staff. It's almost always the best choice under the circumstances.
  17. the Jester

    D&D General What is the most ludicrous multiclassed monstrosity that you've actually played?

    Currently playing a storm cleric 3/diviner wizard 3/fighter 1. I guess some folks would consider it a monstrosity because it's so MAD.
  18. the Jester

    D&D 5E Give Me Any D&D Monster and I'll Homebrew You A Better Version

    They have the distinction of having killed a pc in my game!
  19. the Jester

    D&D 5E A humble familiar: the potato

    I recently statted up a potato beast as a mount.