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  1. Mercule

    Brief me on the CUE system

    The front page news mentioned Shadowrun Anarchy, which is powered by the CUE system. I couldn't find much, online, about how the CUE system plays, other than it's light-weight and narrative. I saw one mention that said it's GM-less, which makes it sound like it goes even further that Fate in...
  2. Mercule

    How good are the AL adventures?

    With the Wayfarer's Guide out and the Eberron AL set to start (in earnest), this week, I'm tempted to switch settings and ease back on my adventure prep time. But.... I've never even read through the AL adventures. I'd heard, at one point, they weren't real good for playing in a normal campaign...
  3. Mercule

    D&D 5E Dragon #1 GenCon Update

    I just stumbled across a digital copy of Dragon #1 and it contains an article on GenCon 1976. I thought I post a couple excerpts, just for a sense of scale: I found it interesting that Fritz Leiber was a guest. Also that D&D was referred to as a "miniatures game" -- or had an event run as a...
  4. Mercule

    D&D 5E What character sheet do you use?

    Two parts to this one. 1) Do you use the default PHB sheet or some vanilla form-fillable version of it? This is the poll and is a broad brushstroke. Note that I'm making some assumptions about why folks might choose certain sheets. I'm also sure that there are multiple factors for a lot of...
  5. Mercule

    D&D 5E Character sheet visuals: Emphasis on ability scores or modifiers?

    The release of DnD Beyond reminded me that the official way of filling out the character sheet is to put the modifier in the big box and the score in the little box. This is like fingernails on a chalkboard, to me. It's probably just my age showing, but I wanted to throw up a quick poll to...
  6. Mercule

    D&D 5E Aasimar too potent for Curse of Strahd?

    The CoS adventure has a blurb that effectively discourages non-human PCs. I'm actually fine with human-centric, but still wanted to give my players some options for races that could pass as human. I ended up picking* half-elf, tieflings (that look like the old, planetouched version), and...
  7. Mercule

    D&D 5E Setting Playoffs Finals (round 5)

    Again, if you're here, you probably know what's happening. Otherwise, here you go. Single vote, winner take all. Poll will close on Easter.
  8. Mercule

    D&D 5E Setting Playoffs Semi-finals (round 4)

    If you're not sure what this is for, read this. Otherwise, let's get to it. The final four were predicted well in advance, but the proportions were a bit different. Let's see how this comes out. Important note: we're down to single votes. You have to pick one, this time. I know that's going to...
  9. Mercule

    D&D 5E Setting Playoffs Quarter-finals (round 3)

    Based on this thread, the outcome is probably predictable. Remember, though, that votes not entered don't count. You still get 2 votes, this round.
  10. Mercule

    Dusk elf stats?

    I'm reading through "Curse of Strahd" and there are a few dusk elves mentioned. I'm not familiar with this subrace. Is it new? Are there PC stats available?
  11. Mercule

    D&D 5E Setting Playoffs Battle Royale (round 2)

    Following up on this thread, here are the 16 entrants into the elimination rounds. Because I'm a day late in getting this posted, it'll run until Thursday. Each user gets 2 votes, this time.
  12. Mercule

    D&D 5E Setting Playoffs (an experiment)

    While I've enjoyed the various Survivor threads, it's been pointed out multiple times that they are heavily slanted toward the least offensive option. I want to try something a bit different. Since we're hot off the heals of Birthright's victory, we'll do settings. Here are the rules: I've...
  13. Mercule

    D&D 5E Ranger fight: PHB vs. UA

    The spate of recent class-battles has me wondering how this will go. Very straightforward and limited poll. I don't care if you like some parts of one and some of the other or if you like the UA version except for the stupid Spirit Companion. Gun to your head, no creativity allowed, pick one to...
  14. Mercule

    D&D 5E Bad poll, please delete.

    Crud. Poll didn't work.
  15. Mercule

    D&D 5E Interpreting Maneuvers (Battle Master)

    My question can pretty much be boiled down to: Are maneuvers (as applicable) bonus damage with a special effect or special effects with bonus damage? I'll use Pushing Attack as an example. What the Fighter really wants is more damage. She really doesn't care about changing the location of her...
  16. Mercule

    D&D 5E Flatfooted? Or: Advantage on Surprise?

    At some point, my group got into a disconnect about how things work for surprise rounds. With the holidays and a couple of personal events, it's been almost a month since the last game, and we had a difference in recollection, last night. My main goal is in fairness and knowing the RAW. With...
  17. Mercule

    D&D 5E Eberron Action Points for 5E (my conversion)

    Posted here (, since the conversion library explicitly says "adventures". Looking for feedback. I have a framework for Dragonmarks that's been working okay for a couple sessions, now. I'll post those, when I get them...
  18. Mercule

    Mercule's Eberron Conversion

    I have just uploaded Mercule's Eberron Conversion to the downloads area. This is my conversion for running an Eberron campaign in 5E. You can find the file here in the downloads section. Please use this thread for comments.
  19. Mercule

    D&D 5E Camping is dangerous (how can it be made safer?)

    I'm running LMoP, right now. The group is doing really well, over all -- they even killed the big thing that's not supposed to be beatable, at this level. That said, they camped in the woods, last game. A random encounter of 6 wolves came up. That doesn't sound like it should be a big deal for...
  20. Mercule

    D&D 5E Character sheet: Ability score or modifier in the big box?

    Just to be clear, I really like 5E and think the rule set is great. This is 100% about some style/presentation. It's also 100% nitpick and totally "fixed" by the conventions my players and I use. I'm just doing some prep for next week's game and venting. Figured I'd see it anyone agreed with me...