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  1. Urriak Uruk

    D&D General OAR: If the next module chosen is not from TSR, what would you choose?

    Imagine a cruel future: Goodman Games announces that Wizard's of the Coast is no longer interested in leasing old TSR adventures for reprint and expansion through the Original Adventures Reincarnated line. It is a dark day, as hundreds of voices cry out in terror only to suddenly be silenced...
  2. Urriak Uruk

    D&D General Dungeon Magazine's Top 30 Adventures: Do they hold up?

    Way back in ye' old 2004 on the 30th Anniversary of D&D, Dungeon Magazine published its list of the top 30 published adventures of all time. The list was dominated by classic TSR adventures from the game's earliest editions. Notably, only one adventure (The Dark Tower) was not published by TSR...
  3. Urriak Uruk

    WotC Wizards Presents: August 18th, MTG and D&D announcements

    Wizards Presents was announced for August 18th, where there will be announcements for both Magic the Gathering and Dungeons & Dragons. Considering the two are being marketed together, seems likely it will announce more D&D sets for Magic the Gathering, but there may be an announcement of D&D...
  4. Urriak Uruk

    D&D 5E Narfell Setting Guide, Forgotten Realms supplement on DMsGuild

    Discovered this on the DMsGuild today. There hasn't been a thread on it so far that I can see, and I know folks here have really liked the books for Rasheman, Calimshan, Zakhara that have been put up on the DMsGuild for other Forgotten Realms regions. This one is about Narfell! Book is 90...
  5. Urriak Uruk

    D&D 5E Take a D&D Monster, and Spelljammer it!

    I couldn't figure out a good way to state this in the title, but the premise of this thread is this; there are a lot of Classic D&D Monsters, that have shown up in several editions and maintain a certain theme. A number of these have their own takes in the Spelljammer universe, with the Elven...
  6. Urriak Uruk

    D&D 5E New Capenna is releasing for Magic the Gathering... will it join D&D too?

    There's been a bit of cross-pollination with MTG and D&D over the past couple years, with Ravnica, Theros, and Strixhaven getting D&D books launched a little after their card releases. The newest MTG release is New Capenna, where fiends of various types have formed crime families in the...
  7. Urriak Uruk

    WFRP: What are the most difficult modules printed (regardless of edition)? Looking for something to run after Empire in Ruins

    The title does say it all, but essentially I'm thinking of continuing my Enemy Within Campaign... well, beyond Empire in Ruins. As someone relatively new to WFRP, I was hoping some of you veterans could provide some suggestions knowing which modules are meant for higher levels, or just have some...
  8. Urriak Uruk

    D&D 5E Call of the Netherdeep: marketing has begun, screenshots thread

    Hello! just noticed that the D&D social media accounts have now begun to pivot away from Monsters of the Multiverse, and towards the Call of the Netherdeep (a Critical Role adventure published by WotC in collaboration with CR). The book releases on March 15, 2022. Not much teased so far, but I...
  9. Urriak Uruk

    D&D 5E Campaign Diary: Converting "The Enemy Within" to 5E

    Hello! I have begun adapting the Enemy Within, a campaign from Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, to a 5E game. I thought I'd document my progress here, mostly to illustrate how converting campaigns from different systems... is less difficult than you'd imagine, and is a nice change if you're getting...
  10. Urriak Uruk

    D&D 5E New D&D Survey, with some in-depth setting questions

    When you pick your favorite setting, it seems to have specific options tailor-made for the settings chosen. I picked Dark Sun, here is what I got;
  11. Urriak Uruk

    D&D 5E Who are the greatest DEAD heroes of the Forgotten Realms? Help for campaign concept (Fantasy Court of Owls)

    Hi! So if you don't want to read the blurb below for why I want this, I'll just say that I am running a Forgotten Realms campaign, but haven't read much of its fiction/novels so don't have much deep lore knowledge. So I was hoping for some help to learn who some of the greatest heroes of...
  12. Urriak Uruk

    D&D 5E D&D's Digital Future: Speculation on the future of product releases in the digital space

    So, I was thinking to myself what the D&D team was referring to when they were talking about the future of the brand, specifically in the digital space. And then I was reminded of these snapshots, which emerged around a D&D survey a few months back; Whether or not these snapshots are...
  13. Urriak Uruk

    D&D 5E Speculation Thread: the "Wonderful, Scary, Terrifying" book being announced this month

    So I wanted to give this it's own thread, as this book should be announced sometime this October. Now, that probably means after Fizban's release (October 19th) as not to distract from it's promotion. But I wanted to get a jump on the speculation, and a place for folks to drop that leaked Amazon...
  14. Urriak Uruk

    D&D General Help! Looking for an older crowdfunded product that was similar to a new "Fiend Folio"

    Hi! I was looking for some help with finding a crowdfunded product, but I can only remember some details on it so web searching for it is not working... here are the details of what I remember. It was not on Kickstarter. I believe it was Indiegogo, but I cannot remember exactly... I do know it...
  15. Urriak Uruk

    D&D 5E Boo Book: Spelljammer, Space, and Speculation!

    So I'm sure we've all seen this image by now from the "Future of D&D Panel" but I wanted to talk a little bit more about it, in its own special thread. Now, Chris Perkins has already pointed out that the cute critter on the cover is none other than Boo, the miniature-giant-space-hamster...
  16. Urriak Uruk

    D&D 5E $165 Priced Hardcover D&D 2022 Book(s?) Leaked on Amazon D&D Celebration is September 23–26! Don’t miss the Future of D&D panel streaming on Sunday 9/26 at 3:30 PM PST to find out about this product and hints at what else is in store...
  17. Urriak Uruk

    D&D 5E Strixhaven Twitter Previews

    Hi, looks like Strixhaven is also getting previewed by Twitter folks!
  18. Urriak Uruk

    D&D 5E Wild Speculation: The "Brand New" Setting will be the developed from the WotC's Founders original campaigns

    So before y'all tear my theory to shreds (and I know some of y'all will), I will say I know this is very very unlikely. It's just a fun idea I thought of. Anyway, I've flipped through the past two issues of Dragon+, and realized that for some reason, the D&D team has been interviewing the...
  19. Urriak Uruk

    D&D 5E Official "Domains of Delight" product released on the DMsGuild Domains of Delight are to the Feywild what Domains of Dread are to the Shadowfell: sequestered realms governed by powerful beings. Whereas a Domain of Dread is ruled by a Darklord, a Domain of...