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  1. Eyes of Nine

    One Bookshelf hacked "no evidence that any customer account data was compromised"

    Regardless of headline, probably best practice to update DriveThru and DMs Guild passwords.
  2. Eyes of Nine

    D&D 5E Interested in seeing your homebrew 5e Magic Items

    Looking for some inspiration for magic items for my crew. In particular hoping to be inspired for some goodies for an elven wizard (divination); human fighter arcane archer; and halfling swashbuckler rogue. Thanks in advance!
  3. Eyes of Nine

    WotC New Magic the Gathering set this summer: Commander Legends Battle for Baldur's Gate

    I tried searching but couldn't find a thread on this (the search seemed broken). Anyway, new MTG D&D Set coming this summer. Focused on Commander and Draft. I'll be buying in pretty...
  4. Eyes of Nine

    D&D General Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth - welcome your thoughts and suggestions

    From the Lost Mines to the Lost Caverns My players are a few sessions out from completing the Lost Mines of Phandelver. I'm going to follow up with a MacGuffin quest to get a thing out of the Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth - there are several intriguing magic items therein. I've got 5 players, so...
  5. Eyes of Nine

    D&D 5E How do you handle secret doors?

    In 5e, there is no default procedure for secret doors afaik. I ask my players to describe exactly what they are doing, and if they are doing a thing that might reasonably find the secret door, I'll let them find it and describe how the opening mechanism is hidden (so they could use again if...
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    D&D General MTG Forgotten Realms excel readable Card List - all cards?

    Hey folks - I'd like to print a checklist (Ideally also have in excel, but not 100% necessary) of the new MTG Forgotten Realms set. But I'd like to check off ALL the possible cards, including regular set, commander cards, commander reprints, art cards, token cards, promo cards, all the...
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    D&D General 127 D&D modules for charity auction on ebay

    Here's an auction for a ton of D&D modules. Benefits the Pima County library. They don't look to be in very good shape, but the breadth of the collection is impressive. As of this posting, at US$2050.
  8. Eyes of Nine

    ZEITGEIST Zeitgeist 5e HC Kickstarter?

    Are you all considering a Zeitgeist 5e HC/SC Kickstarter? Printed where it can be shipped to US addresses at a reasonable price? @Morrus @RangerWickett ? Or maybe you did one and I missed it?
  9. Eyes of Nine

    How to Print my Roll20 Character Sheet?

    I tried searching their help center site, but couldn't find a good answer. One of my local games is going back to in person. We were playing on Roll20. Anyone have suggestions on how to print my Roll20 Character sheet? If I can't figure this out, guess I'll have to transfer everything manually...
  10. Eyes of Nine

    D&D 5E Suggestions on how to handle NPC on Monster/NPC combat?

    Hey ENWorlders - Suggestions on how you handle NPCs in fights with opponents the PCs are fighting? Watching the DM roll a bunch of dice of his own characters fight against each other seems pretty boring, unless it's narratively important. Folks have ideas on how to handle this in a very...
  11. Eyes of Nine

    D&D General Help me source this image!

    Anyone know what book/magazine/other this was from? Ideally with a current photo pulled from said source? I'm pretty sure it's NOT the same image as in the Palladium Fantasy RPG. And I've already checked my AD&D DMG and PHB. Pretty sure it's also not from 1e UA, or any of the basic sets or OD&D...
  12. Eyes of Nine

    D&D General Magic the Gathering Dungeons & Dragons

    Here's an article about the new party mechanic in the new-ish Magic the Gathering set Zendikar Rising. Looks pretty cool. Note, coming in June is Dungeons & Dragons Adventures in the...
  13. Eyes of Nine

    D&D 5E Sequels to Lost Mines of Phandelver - home brew, DM's Guild, or other

    Hey all - I think my Lost Mines game with my high school buddies will end in the next 6-8 months. Anyone have suggestions on what to play next? Ideally something that's connected to that adventure, and can take the PCs from 5th level up to 10th or even beyond. I'm open to one line...
  14. Eyes of Nine

    Google Poll - interested in feedback

    Hey all - I've got a poll I'm thinking of running past my players. I've been feeling that the game we are playing isn't quite matching up to what would really be awesome for them. Like my game is pretty fighty; but I think they would love nothing more than spending the entire session shopping...
  15. Eyes of Nine

    D&D 5E Post your pictures of your favorite Libraries here! (Candlekeep inspiration)

    Throw in pictures of the coolest libraries you know. Outside or inside. Drawings or photos. Fantastic or realistic. Heck, it may be your own games library! Inspiration for Candlekeep play... Sure, I could use Pinterest and other locations. But why should I? I'll kick us off:
  16. Eyes of Nine

    Positive reaction? What is considered a "positive reaction score"? Is the sad face a positive reaction? In the In Remembrance thread linked above, I often give the sad face for someone who has passed that resonates particularly...
  17. Eyes of Nine

    D&D 5E Bard College of Creation - what spells do you think synergize well with it?

    New sub-class of Bard, the College of Creation. When I take it at 3rd level, I'm wondering what spells you think synergize well with it (up to 6 spells prepared at 3rd level)?
  18. Eyes of Nine

    Release Marc Miller's Agents of Imperium from Baen released today November 3, 2020

    For folks who like Traveller, Marc Miller's got a novel just released.
  19. Eyes of Nine

    What do you do with your old RPG notes/maps/NPCs/PCs/etc?

    I was going through a bunch of binders, notebooks, and loose papers last night. Found the notes from my Megatraveller campaign of the early 90's; and the GURPS campaign I ran with a buddy in the late 90's; as well as the binder for the Dungeon World campaign I ran for a couple of years in the...
  20. Eyes of Nine

    D&D 5E Grande Temple of Jing - anyone have opinions on it?

    I saw that Grande Temple of Jing is going to be delivered via retail channel (ie, FLGS's). Considering buying. I am just such a huge sucker for megadungeons. Also, I have ordered many many years ago (2001?) some custom gaming tokens from Hammerdog games. Wonder if anyone has thoughts? Ideally...