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  1. Helpful NPC Thom

    D&D General Railroads, Illusionism, and Participationism

    The other thread about railroading is getting pretty incendiary, and there's a bit of confusion over terminology used. "Railroad" is very vague and not well-defined, so let us instead discuss participationism and illusionism, which are specific modes of play. The definitions of these terms are a...
  2. Helpful NPC Thom

    Can anyone give some information on the Dying Earth DCC rules set?

    It's currently on Kickstarter and I love Jack Vance's Dying Earth series. I am eagerly anticipating the game, but I'd like to hear thoughts from anyone who has read the rules or playtested it.
  3. Helpful NPC Thom

    D&D 5E Adding Narrative Mechanics to D&D 5e (Without Too Much Crunch)

    There's been a bit of discussion about incorporating roleplaying mechanics and "talky" encounters as of late, so I want to lay out some preliminary mechanics I'm contemplating for my next game. It's like Fate, but lighter and less codified (that's deliberate - Fate is a bit too codified for my...