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  1. Grogg of the North

    Pathfinder 2E Sea Campaign

    Off the top of my head: Dolphins follow the ship and the crew takes it as a sign of good luck. (Crew gains small bonus on checks for the rest of the day) Sharks follow the ship and the crew believes it to be an ill omen. (Crew takes a small penalty on all rolls for the rest of the day) Snagged...
  2. Grogg of the North

    How Do You Organise Long-haul Campaigns?

    My organization is scattershot. Back when I played in person, I used a Laboratory Notebook, like this. I could draw maps in it since it had the grid and then I would keep all my notes for the next session in there. This was also back when I had time to design everything myself. Dungeons...
  3. Grogg of the North

    D&D 3E/3.5 Savage Tide and Age of Worms - worth the hype?

    I wound up making Nabthatoron the big bad in the end and scrapped Dyr'ryd for him. :)
  4. Grogg of the North

    D&D 3E/3.5 Savage Tide and Age of Worms - worth the hype?

    I think though, that if you tell your group that you're interested in a published adventure path and they agree to play, that there is a tacit agreement that there will be some rails and that the group is ok with them.
  5. Grogg of the North

    D&D 3E/3.5 Savage Tide and Age of Worms - worth the hype?

    The paizo forums were very helpful when I ran Shackled City. You can certainly see if anyone there can be helpful. You can also buy the pdfs and take them to your local library to print. Support your library and save your own ink! It's what I've been doing lately. :)
  6. Grogg of the North

    Pathfinder 1E Healing a disease

    The goblin rogue in my campaign has been infected by magical crystals that spread by corrupting organic matter into more magical crystals. The rogue has survived long enough to make it back to his village and is asking the shamans for help in curing his affliction. Now, while I could just say...
  7. Grogg of the North

    Pathfinder 1E Are people still playing Pathfinder 1e?

    timidly raises hand I'm still GMing two pathfinder games.
  8. Grogg of the North

    Tales of Xadia: The Dragon Prince RPG Has Launched

    Arise from your grave, thread, to haunt this board once more! For those of you that have a copy of the rules, what are your feelings on the rules system? My daughter is almost 12, loves The Dragon Prince, and has played some 1E Pathfinder with friends and family. Is this something that a 12...
  9. Grogg of the North

    Pathfinder 1E Soulbound Doll

    More like I'm sure my players will try and mess with it and I wanted to have an idea in my head before they do.
  10. Grogg of the North

    Pathfinder 1E Soulbound Doll

    If a PC were to remove the focus for a Soulbound Doll (Bestiary 2), could they communicate with the soul trapped inside?
  11. Grogg of the North

    Get off Your High Horse...

    And the equivalent maintenance. Grooming, stabling, feeding, cleaning. In D&D, at least, those costs are pocket change to most adventurers. 15 gold? Here's some platinum. I don't carry gold.
  12. Grogg of the North

    Get off Your High Horse...

    The biggest deterrent to mounted combat in 3.5/PF was how easy it was for your mount to just get shot out from under you, especially at higher levels. So unless you invested in a class that gains a special mount or animal companion, your horse is one fireball away from being soft cover. Never...
  13. Grogg of the North

    Which edition had the best dragons?

    Dragons should always be scary, especially played smartly. Why is your dragon in a 20x20 featureless room and why would it fight fair? I like how in PF1 the dragons get more abilities as they age, including spellcasting. And that their abilities varied by the type of dragon. In the last 5E...
  14. Grogg of the North

    What Is "Unnecessary Complexity" to You?

    Didn't 3.5 have this problem with polymorph and wild shape? Constantly trying to balance it? Isn't it why we got the Rules Compendium?
  15. Grogg of the North

    What Is "Unnecessary Complexity" to You?

    This right here, 100%. I know the rule I need isn't in the core rulebook. Is it in the GM's guide? No? Oh, it's in the appendix to the bestiary. Because I would have obviously thought to look there first. I make it a point to tell people that I GM for that if I cannot find a rule quickly and...
  16. Grogg of the North

    How do you handle evil?

    When you're evil... The Paladin is the tough nut to crack. So are good clerics depending on setting, system, etc. And D&D is basically a game about heroes. I think a lot of the issues regarding evil can be resolved if you're up front with the other players. Hey, I want to play an evil...
  17. Grogg of the North

    How do you handle evil?

    I'm okay with players playing any alignment. In fact, in my experience, people that are playing Lawful Evil tend to mesh well with the party. Now, in the last few games I've run, I've asked players to play young go-getters that want to see their home/world change for the better. So while that...
  18. Grogg of the North

    sell me on a different system

    Setting is entirely up to the GM. Just because you're playing 5E doesn't mean you're stuck in Forgotten Realms. There are other published settings and you can always make your own. Just like if you play a supers game, you don't have to be in Marvel or DC. I prefer Pathfinder 1E. I feel like it...
  19. Grogg of the North

    Silly Character Drawbacks

    With many RPG systems encouraging you to have a flaw/drawback for your character, I was wondering what the silliest drawback you've ever given a character was. I'm thinking things like "Terrified of bees" or "Severe nut allergy". Did your GM incorporate them into the game? What happened?
  20. Grogg of the North

    Would you play in a campaign with racial/class limits of it fits the story?

    As long as the GM is upfront about it before the game actually starts. A nice little email that says something like "Hey, I have an idea for a campaign. But there are no elves or druids for story reasons. Your characters will hopefully learn why as we play together". That gives you some time...