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  1. FrogReaver

    D&D 5E The Extra Attack version of Overkill

    What is overkill? It's damage you could have dealt had the enemy had more hp than it did. That said, there's also a similar phenomenon with multiattackers. If you kill the final enemy of an encounter before your final attack there was damage left on the table that you otherwise could have...
  2. FrogReaver

    D&D 5E A simple houserule for martial/caster balance.

    Simply cap spells known to 4th level or less (maybe 5th level or less). Casters can keep the slots. Thoughts? Possibly create magical items that allow casters access to higher level spells for atunement and sufficient class level.
  3. FrogReaver

    D&D General Tell us about yourself

    I know very little about anyone here. This is an introduction thread for us to learn more about each other. Hopefully it's fun and entertaining while also helping us remember that we are all people behind our Avatars. I'm from rural Virginia (U.S. for our international friends). My dad was...
  4. FrogReaver

    5.5E Will you buy 5.5e/6e PHB?

    Edition change is right around the corner. Will you buy 5.5e/6e PHB?
  5. FrogReaver

    Party HP

    Today I'm thinking about a Party HP system where instead of tracking individual hp for characters instead hp moves up to the party level and maybe at 1/4, 1/2, 3/4's hp the next player hit can be downed. Have any games used a similar system? What would be your thoughts on such a system?
  6. FrogReaver

    Illusionism or no?

    Suppose a GM has created an encounter based on what's in his notes. It quickly becomes apparent that the GM misjudged the encounter difficulty. The GM then modifies the encounter (buffing enemies/bringing in reinforcements/etc) to compensate for his misjudgment of the difficulty. After making...
  7. FrogReaver

    D&D 5E Best Roll20 products for tier 1 and tier 2 monsters

    I’m starting to DM more again for our group and thinking about buying the roll20 versions of a few different books so I can get easy access to their monsters. What are the top 3 monster products (5e) for roll 20 you all would recommend?
  8. FrogReaver

    D&D General D&D Combat is fictionless

    D&D Combat is fictionless. But Frogreaver, "What does that even mean?" It means that D&D combat is incapable of representing combat fiction the way we want to imagine it. The turn structure gets in the way. Instead of having the goblin and fighter charge each other and meet in the middle...
  9. FrogReaver

    D&D 5E Anyone played a warlock focused on summon spells?

    I'm curious if anyone has played a warlock that's focused on the Tasha's summoning spells. Can you describe your character, his build, personality, effectiveness. Etc? White room it seems the build would be pretty effective. Summon Fey + EB Spam seems like a pretty good combo most of the...
  10. FrogReaver

    D&D 5E How the game changes when a DM starts to target downed PC's?

    A fairly typical way of playing 5e is to never/rarely have enemies target downed and dying PC's. There's a good reason for this style becoming common - something feels unnatural about having enemies engage in what everyone knows is currently a non-threat when other PC's are there trying to kick...
  11. FrogReaver

    D&D General Discuss: Combat as War in D&D

    Claim: If the enemies ever adopted a true combat as war mindset then the PC's would eventually be crushed. This does not happen. Therefore, the enemies do not treat combat as War. There's something that seem inherently unfair about that and yet many still find Combat as War fun. Discuss!
  12. FrogReaver

    D&D 5E Revisiting RAW Darkness Spell

    There has been a supposed symmetry between those looking out of the darkness and those looking into the darkness generated by the spell. But I'm not finding that explicitly stated anywhere in the spell. Darkness Spell (PHB 230) Magical darkness spreads from a point you choose within range to...
  13. FrogReaver

    D&D 5E How often do you make OA’s

    In absence of a perfect response please select the closest answer.
  14. FrogReaver

    D&D 5E List of Saving Throw Boosts

    I'm looking for a list of all abilities/spells that can boost saving throws. Spells Resistance Bless Heroes Feast Class Features Bardic Inspiration Paladin Aura War Wizard Arcane Deflection Items Headband of Intellect Amulet of Health Gauntlets of Ogre Power Belts of Giant Strength Ioun Stone...
  15. FrogReaver

    D&D 5E Precision Attack + SS + CBE is like +2d6 sword

    The title says it all. The closest comparison I can find to this feat combo is that you need a +2d6 damage sword from level 4+ to stay near the damage of a similar fighter using Precision Attack + SS + CBE. Let that sink in a minute!
  16. FrogReaver

    D&D 5E Optimizing a Circle of Shepherd Druid

    First let's look at the important features. Spirit Totem (once per short rest) - Large temp hp boost for the party and your summons! Mighty Summoner - Allows summons natural weapons to ignore magic resistance. Also grants a bit of extra hp to summons. Putting this together, you can summon...
  17. FrogReaver

    D&D 5E Effect Importance by Tier

    There are various categories of combat effects in D&D: healing, damage, defense, control, etc. I find different effects have more important roles in different tiers. I list the order I evaluate these things below. Tier 1 Healing Defense Damage Control Status Effect Defense/Removal Tier 2...
  18. FrogReaver

    D&D 5E Vicious Mockery Sorcerer

    I'm imagining one of the best Controllers. Idea is to be a variant human and pick magic initiate bard for vicious mockery. The other cantrip and spell option isn't that important. The idea is to use metamagic twin spell and the vicious mockery cantrip to cause 2 enemies to have disadvantage...
  19. FrogReaver

    D&D 5E Bards have an identity problem!

    In 5e the Bard is as good of a caster as a Wizard or Cleric. But Bards that cast spells like Wizards cast don't feel very Bard-like. They feel more like a Charisma Wizard. That makes for a mechanically strong class but a thematically weak one. Do 5e Bards have the identity they should have?