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  1. Ath-kethin

    DCC #100 Kickstarter is live!

    I didn't see a thread/post about this one yet, so I thought I'd chime in. For those who are interested, DCC #100 has finally gone live on Kickstarter (and has funded and blowin through almost all of the existing stretch goals already). You can check it out at Dungeon Crawl Classics 100...
  2. Ath-kethin

    TSR2 rebranded as Solarian Games

    Did anybody else catch this one? I saw it on Bell if Lost Souls, but it's confirmed on Twitter. TSR2 (I think it's 2; who can keep track these days?) has changed their name. Good on them!
  3. Ath-kethin

    DMs Guild Have you had much luck/success with Facebook ads?

    Based on a comment from @Morrus (regarding Kickstarter funds, but still), I took out a Facebook ad for one of my DMSGuild products. The ad ran for a week and the product in question sold reasonably well, but I'm having a hard time evaluating how much impact the ad actually had. Of course...
  4. Ath-kethin

    D&D 5E What martial options would make those characters feel equal to casters?

    Since the beginning of time (roughly 1975), non-casters in D&D have felt like they couldn't equal casters in effectiveness or flexibility. In return, non-casters were intended to have a veneer of respectability and trustworthiness that casters couldn't match, raising legions of armies, building...
  5. Ath-kethin

    New (Unofficial) Zakhara campaign guide available 04/13/2021

    Ahlan and well met, my friends! Many of us have missed the storied lands of Zakhara, colloquially known as the Land of Fate. A land of genies, ghuls, mysteries, sultans, and sorcery, Zakhara draws inspiration in equal parts from 1,001 Nights (also known as The Arabian Nights) and 1960s...
  6. Ath-kethin

    D&D General How far from the source can we stray?

    Most D&D games, and their derivatives, hew closely to Tolkien's ideas and themes (many of which predate Tolkien, but his work is commonly viewed as a starting point for their appearance in fantasy). The standard setup of humans, elves, dwarves, and halflings populate nearly every fantasy world...
  7. Ath-kethin

    D&D General When did araneas become shapechangers?

    The title says it all. I distinctly remember an incarnation of the aranea that described them as having two natural forms, both the giant spider and humanoid, so when killed they remained in whatever form they were in at death. But in trying to find that passage/statblock now, I not only came...
  8. Ath-kethin

    D&D 5E Giant Hamsters From Outer Space!

    We know that look. That “If I need to come up with one more statblock for a loveable gigantic furry rodent on the fly I’m going to burrow into the ground so deeply they’ll never find me in a million years, then gnaw anxiously on a stove pipe” look. You need help. You need Giant Hamsters From...
  9. Ath-kethin

    Midnight in the City of Brass is available now!

    Miniature Giant Space Hamster Press is proud to announce Midnight in the City of Brass Genies! Lovers! Monsters! Assassins! Fire! It's all here! Join us in the City of...
  10. Ath-kethin

    Can we still post product announcements here?

    What is the policy now for starting product press release posts in the general forum? I know we did a trial run to see how it worked and I'm sure that's over, but what is the policy now? The Forum Rules section doesn't seem to mention it at all. We just released an exciting new...
  11. Ath-kethin

    Midnight in the City of Brass

    Midnight in the City of Brass is available now! It's an adventure! It's a sourcebook! It has lovers! It has monsters! It has player options! It has a poster map! It has plot hooks! It is . . . Midnight in the City of Brass! This 86 page color, bookmarked PDF contains everything you need to...
  12. Ath-kethin

    AAW Games LLC is looking for 5e conversion experts

    Hello, everybody! If anyone is interested, Adventure a Week LLC (the company behind the Mini Dungeon Tome Kickstarter, among others) is looking for people to convert its backlog of Pathfinder modules to 5e : ------------------------------------------------- AAW Games is looking for someone...
  13. Ath-kethin

    Copper Subscription Renewal

    Pardon me if I'm blind, but is there a way to set up the subscriptions to renew automatically instead of needing to go in and manually re-subscribe?
  14. Ath-kethin

    Offbeat Encounters are an easy way to add an unusual wrinkle to your campaign

    Looking for a way to spice up your campaign? Need something to inject a bit of weirdness into your game? Did the party just head off in some random direction you didn't expect? Offbeat Encounters is the solution for you! This bookmarked, color PDF contains 10 scenarios ready to amuse you...
  15. Ath-kethin

    Offbeat Encounters

    Product information... View for more details
  16. Ath-kethin

    Need a kick for your campaign?

    New at the Dungeon Master's Guild, Offbeat Encounters is a collection of unusual scenarios that provide a setup, an adversary, and a motivation, leaving the rest to you. Consisting of unorthodox approaches to both monsters and situations, Offbeat Encounters are the perfect addition to shake up...
  17. Ath-kethin

    D&D 5E Dragon Kings 5e

    So I suspect that more than a few of us participated in Tim Brown's Dragon Kings Kickstarter campaign a few years ago, and were a bit sad that it predated both 5e as a full release and the new OGL. Well, weep no more: another company has picked up the slack and is producing a 5e Player's Guide...
  18. Ath-kethin

    D&D 5E Check me on this: using a named NPC from, say, Mystara in a Dungeon Master's Guild publication is off-limits.

    I'm currently editing an adventure intended for publication in the Dungeon Master's Guild, and the writer chose to include a famous NPC who is NOT from the Forgotten Realms (or Ravenloft). That character needs to be changed, correct? As I read it the only stuff that can be used in DMs Guild...
  19. Ath-kethin

    D&D 5E Hit Point Maximum and Exhaustion

    At level 4 exhaustion, a character's hit point maximum is halved. How would this affect a wounded character? A friend and I were discussing the situation and had two differing opinions, which basically boil down to interpretations of how hit point damage is applied. Let's say you have a...
  20. Ath-kethin

    D&D 5E A Simple Spell-less Ranger Option

    I'm a backer for the current Talislanta: The Savage Land campaign on Kickstarter; I remember the Talislanta ads in Dragon Magazine back in the day, and since I run a pretty savage-era campaign I figured there could be some stuff I could loot. As part of the teaser for the 5e version of the book...