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    Pathfinder 1E Rogues Gallery Scotley's Kingmaker

    You found it! Please post your updated characters for Scotley's Kingmaker here.
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    OOC Sword of Valor, Wrath of the Righteous AP by MLeibrock and Scotley

    Here is the spiffy new Out of Character thread for the game. We will now retire the recruiting thread. In Character Thread Rogue's Gallery Recruiting Thread
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    Pathfinder 1E Sword of Valor, Wrath of the Righteous AP Part 2 with your hosts Scotley and MLeibrock

    Planning Thread Rogue's Gallery OOC Thread This is the In Character Thread for MLeibrock and Scotley's Wrath of the Righteous Adventure Path game using Part2--Sword of Valor
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    Recruiting Closed: MLeibrock's and Scotley's Wrath of the Righteous mid level game.

    Queen Galfrey needs you! The Fifth Mendevian Crusade is beginning. The Wardstones are broken and the demon hoards are stirring. Kenabres lies in ruins. The Worldwound threatens to consume all that is good in Golarion. Brave heroes are needed to turn back the demon hoard of Deskari Lord of...
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    Firefox posting problem.

    I'm having a problem with hangs when posting from Firefox 26. I can read pages just fine. But when I try to reply to a thread the page never finishes loading. It leaves me with cryptic messages like "Transferring data from" or "Transferring data from" or...
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    [Pathfinder] Scotley's Kingmaker OOC

    Okay, here's the nifty new and improved OOC thread. Please make all future posts here. I'm going to keep the existing Rogue's Gallery unless anyone feels we need a new one. As I said in the other thread I'm going to be traveling for a quick trip the rest of the week. I'll check back in with...
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    [Pathfinder] Scotley's Kingmaker IC continued.

    Moving south again you find the air growing warmer as the sun advances into late afternoon. It is now perhaps 4 or 5 pm. You are struck by the richness of the land here. The forest is made of old growth trees and you see much game in the shadows. This land will prove quite valuable if you can...
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    JA's "The Prince's Own" Scotley/Henry Northantis Solo/RG

    Initial OOC Thread for JA's Princes Own 2 Current Game Out dated initial thread Out dated main thread Henry Northantis Game Info Race: Human Class: Bard/Fighter/Cavalier/Battle Herald Level: 1/4/1/1 Alignment: Neutral Good Languages: Common, Celestial and Draconic Deity: Iomedae goddess...
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    How can we edit signatures?

    I can't figure out how to change my signature file after the update/breach. The link there no longer works, so I wanted to fix it, but I can't seem to find a way to access it. Any help would be appreciated.
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    OOC Scotley's Carrion Crown Pathfinder game

    Okay gang. I can't seem to locate the old out of character thread for this game, so here's a spiffy new one. Some Useful links:
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    Who makes a laptop with these specs?

    I can't seem to find the laptop I want to buy. These are the features I'm looking for. 17 inch+ windows 8 ready touch screen which supports at least basic HD playback Bluray Decent graphics engine with some dedicated ram. I'm pretty much limited to casual gaming these days, so it doesn't...
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    Anybody gonna run the 4e Steading of the Hill Giant Chief from DDI as a PBP here?

    Dungeons & Dragons Roleplaying Game Official Home Page - Article (Steading of the Hill Giant Chief) I've been avoiding reading this one in hopes that someone will run a game here. Hint hint... I've never been in a really satisfying game of the original. I'm seeing a lot of good buzz about this...
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    Scotley's Carrion Crown IC Part 1 The Haunting of Harrowstone

    Important Links
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    Scotley's Carrion Crown RG

    Okay, Please post your approved characters for the Carrion Crown game here. Here is the discussion thread: Post Breach Links...
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    Discussion of Scotley's Pathfinder game (closed)

    Thread for Discussion of the game proposed at Lakecon this year. This is to be a private game for the regulars at Lakecon.
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    Scotley's 4e Swashbuckler OOC

    Okay gang, time for a new OOC thread now that the tune up fight is over and we entered the adventure proper. Please stop using the old thread and post here now.
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    Subscribed threads link?

    I can't find the subscribed threads link under 'do stuff'. Did it go away or just go somewhere else? I could find them by going to my settings, but that seems an awkward way to do it. It is very useful to active play by post gamers to be able to go to a list of subscribed threads and see which...
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    Scotley's 4e Swashbuckler

    Spring was in the air. The weather was warming and clear. Several of the Hounds jumped at the chance to take a group of tired old horses from the stable out to a horse farm belonging to the order. A group of young horses was ready to be added to the stable. After the hard winter the countryside...
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    RG Scotley's Alt-Earth Swashbuckler

    Please place your approved characters here.
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    Discussion of Scotley's upcoming 4e Swashbuckler Game

    This thread is for discussion of my next game. More information to come soon. Priority for character slots will be given to players in my just ended Tomb of Horror's game and the Island Empire game which is just winding down as well as a few folks who I feel are up to the roleplaying challenge I...