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  1. MockingBird

    D&D 5E Here's A Look At 3 Adventures from the Radiant Citadel

    Intrigued by the southern inspired adventure being from Mississippi and all. They specifically shout out New Orleans and Biloxi.
  2. MockingBird

    D&D 5E Announcement Next Week--What Hints For Upcoming D&D Books?

    I had the cleric box. That was a pretty cool concept.
  3. MockingBird

    D&D 5E Dragons of Stormwreck Isle: New D&D Starter Set Is Coming This Year

    It didnt originally feature a white dragon so why not?
  4. MockingBird

    D&D 5E Dragons of Stormwreck Isle: New D&D Starter Set Is Coming This Year

    I let my players negotiate with them just so they would know combat wasnt the only option. I feel you have hit the nail on the head and this will be THE starter set going forward. I feel like it will be a rewrite of Lost Mines.
  5. MockingBird

    D&D 5E Dragons of Stormwreck Isle: New D&D Starter Set Is Coming This Year

    Wonder if it's meant to go along with the starter and Essentials kit. Like giving a level 5 to 10 adventure?
  6. MockingBird

    The Half-Edition Shuffle

    I personally dont think there is going to be a 6th edition for a while. They have a pretty good thing going and I doubt they put out a game that would warrant the "6th" nomenclature. Sure we will see some updates but I'd be willing to bet the 5th phb and MM will still be very much usable.
  7. MockingBird

    D&D General First official D&D game product you owned?

    I dont recall a Daleland adventure being included with the starter set I had. However that does remind me of the adventure that came with the 2e Forgotten Relams grey box. All those books were grey though. Interesting.
  8. MockingBird

    D&D General First official D&D game product you owned?

    I have since lost the box set but it looked different and didnt have the "First Quest" title. Possibly a reboxing of the same items? I remember the first delve was very basic with room by room descriptions. The second one was a haunted house that let go of the DMs hand a bit more. The third...
  9. MockingBird

    Go Down The Hobbit Hole Of The One Ring Starter Set

    I love starter sets but I'd have to agree, it is slightly annoying when they dont include (at the very least) some way to generate characters. If we love the new system and continue playing beyond the starter set my players feel trapped in the pregen. We had this issue with the first 5e starter...
  10. MockingBird

    D&D General First official D&D game product you owned?

    Not sure when this beginner set released or what name it goes by. It was probably 96 when I got it? Beginner box set that came with a CD, 3 dungeon delves, set of dice, character cards, player book, DM/adventure book, MM book, double sided map, and character minis.
  11. MockingBird

    D&D 5E D&D Beyond: Monsters of the Multiverse Will Not Replace Existing Monsters

    Why did they decide to change the stat blocks? I cant really recall anyone calling for a hard change. I'm definitely not excited about the spell slots being changed. It's good that DDB isnt getting rid of the original blocks.
  12. MockingBird

    D&D 5E Baldur's Gate 1 campaign materials

    I'm interested. I have the BG book that was released a few years ago by the original writers but I'd like to see what you have.
  13. MockingBird

    D&D General "Red Orc" American Indians and "Yellow Orc" Mongolians in D&D

    I dont know, in my opinion i feel like 4e would have bogged them down way too much. Pathfinder could have worked but they would probably have to house rule it to streamline it. 5e was just the perfect rule set for what they wanted to do.
  14. MockingBird

    TSR TSR3.5 Voluntarily Dismisses Lawsuit

    The military, or at least in aircraft maintenance, we use yyyy/mm/day.
  15. MockingBird

    D&D 5E Strixhaven Table of Contents

    I agree, I use it fairly often combined with basic FR knowledge. I do find myself wanting a bit more, something on par with the 3rd edition FR book or a 2nd edition like box set (I own that one).
  16. MockingBird

    D&D 5E Strixhaven Table of Contents

    Guess I'm in the minority then. I like the adventures we have been getting. What I dont want to happen is bloat and I'm afraid we are approaching that.
  17. MockingBird

    D&D 5E Strixhaven Table of Contents

    I was under the impression this was an adventure first and foremost. Seems to be set up close to past adventures. Bulk of the book is adventure with dedicated section about the area the adventure takes place in. It's an interesting concept for an adventure. I feel like my kids would like this...
  18. MockingBird

    D&D 5E Thanksgiving D&D Speculation thread.

    I've spent some time in England, around the New Market area (my favorite place to pub crawl). Other than the beautiful country and super nice people, I miss Nandos food. Wish we had one here in the south U.S.
  19. MockingBird

    D&D General Miniature Survey

    I use the tokens that came with 4e. I really wouldn't mind the prepainted minis. I just dont like the randomness of the boosters.