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  1. killerklown

    Media Booster Stories by Soloflow

    Hi everyone ! I've created a new streaming format: Booster Stories In my stream, I crack open a Magic booster of the newest edition (currently "Adventures in the Forgotten Realms") and use the cards to tell a story in a typical rpg way. I've experimented a bit, and I find the result now to be...
  2. killerklown

    D&D 5E [Blog article series] Amazing real places used for RPG

    I recently joined a facebook group named “RPG Worldbuilders Visual Inspiration and Prompts”. What I’ve seen there triggered again my lust for writing. So I started a new series of posts, based on real places in our world, and what would they mean in an OSR dungeonverse...
  3. killerklown

    Media The Soloflow show plays Ironsworn :Improv' & live solo RPG

    Dear gamers, I decided to go with the flow of the pandemy and organise an online show, directly from my home office... It's an experimental format: I'll be playing solo, i'll be playing a roleplaying-game called Ironsworn (it involves dice, yes), but it will be improv' since i'll be playing...