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    Enzi's Irregulars

    I've been working on a new serial fiction (Started on the 4th of July) that updates on Wednesdays at: Feel free to comment here. I'll also gladly answer question on the world and the RPG system for it. ---------------------- Smoss
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    What kind of setting "fluff" do YOU want to see in an RPG?

    While this thread is mostly selfish (Ideas of what to write for my game world's setting that I may have missed), I thought it might be interesting for a lot of people. Basically - When reading about an RPG setting, what do you enjoy reading about? What do you want to see? What kind of juicy...
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    Looking for unique creatures

    Time to challenge those minds out there! Looking to see what interesting and unique creatures might be out there (I am adding to my bestiary in my RPG system and looking for inspiration). I've seen lots of monsters - A lot of humanoid creatures that are just different (goblinoids, etc), to...