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  1. jayoungr

    D&D General Roleplaying Powerful Beings versus Smart-Aleck PCs

    The PCs have come into the presence of some being of great power--good, evil, or neutral, anything from a local noble to an actual deity. It's a serious situation where, realistically, there would be severe consequences for inappropriate behavior. But players are players, and they're going to...
  2. jayoungr

    D&D 5E Enhancing "The Wild Beyond the Witchlight"

    This thread is intended to be a resource for DMs who want to run The Wild Beyond the Witchlight. Feel free to post your questions, experiences, and ideas for tweaking the adventure here!
  3. jayoungr

    D&D 5E Out of the Abyss versus Descent into Avernus - Which One to Run?

    My group has expressed interest in these two adventures, but I'm not sure which one would be a better fit for them. I'm planning to look through both, but I'd also like to get the perspective of others who have run, played, or at least thoroughly read them. So, what are people's thoughts on...
  4. jayoungr

    D&D 5E Rogue's Cunning Action to Hide: In Combat??

    I was startled to have a rules argument tonight with a group that I've been playing with since the start of 5E. For context, we were in the lair of Xipe, the oni, in Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan. Three of the party were in melee with the oni, while two others (human warlock and halfling rogue)...
  5. jayoungr

    D&D 5E Opportunity Attack around a Corner: Yes or No?

    Rules question for you folks. This is something my players and I have butted heads on, and I want to know if I'm in the minority on this (and if I am, then I'm prepared to adjust gracefully). In the picture below, if the orc takes the path marked in blue, does Grimmwald get an opportunity...
  6. jayoungr

    D&D 5E Secret Doors

    I'm running an adventure with a lot of secret doors right now, and I'm struggling with how to keep them from becoming monotonous on the one hand or trivial on the other. I don't want to slow down the game while the players go over every inch of wall, but just allowing the characters with high...
  7. jayoungr

    D&D General How do you handle doubling of classes?

    I'm just curious how other people handle the idea of having, or potentially having, multiple PCs of the same class in a party: two fighters, two sorcerers, etc. Do you ban, or at least discourage, it? Do you find that players are likely to back down and pick something else if someone else...
  8. jayoungr

    D&D 5E Enhancing "Candlekeep Mysteries"

    I don't know whether we'll need a thread for this collection of short adventures, but just in case we do, here it is. Any thoughts, plans, speculation, or tips about running these adventures? Anyone going to try stringing them together as a campaign? Post away!
  9. jayoungr

    D&D 1E [Trying Again] B3, or how to deal with an unstructured module

    I'm thinking of running the original orange-cover version of this adventure ("Palace of the Silver Princess") for my players soon as a one-shot. Some of them have played since the 1E era, and I can almost guarantee this is an adventure they didn't play back in the day (though they may have gone...
  10. jayoungr

    D&D 5E CoS: Running Strahd without relying on Charm

    My group is about to face Strahd in Curse of Strahd. They have the Sunsword and the Holy Symbol of Ravenkind. Their designated meeting place is the Overlook. Ireena is with the group and being played as a PC. It's a large group (8 PCs). I am planning to use this souped-up version of Strahd...
  11. jayoungr

    D&D 5E How Would You Run This? (Multiple Saves)

    A question for DMs. Say you're running a published adventure, and it contains a situation something like this: the PCs are crossing a precarious rope bridge across a chasm, and something or other shakes it, trying to make them fall off. The adventure text says that each PC has to make a DC 10...
  12. jayoungr

    D&D General Do I need an attitude adjustment? (They're gonna nova the BBEG)

    I'm in the process of wrapping up a campaign that has lasted all year, and I'm kind of dreading the last few sessions. I could use some outside perspective on what I need to do about that. I'm going to try to put this in general terms to start with, but I'm sure I'll leave out some important...
  13. jayoungr

    Help Me Flesh Out the "Teeny Tiny Dungeon"

    I've long been a fan of this entry from the 2015 One Page Dungeon contest: I run a world-hopping campaign in D&D 5E, and I'd love to slot this in there. The characters are currently level 13, so I thought this...
  14. jayoungr

    D&D 5E Making Best Use of Vision Impairing Spells

    Vision-impairing spells like darkness, fog cloud, and stinking cloud (did I forget any?) seem like they could be super-useful, but I've never felt like I've managed to use them really effectively. If everyone is within the effect, the vision-impairing aspect cancels itself out: the PCs have...
  15. jayoungr

    D&D 5E What to do about Hypnotic Pattern?

    The groups I DM for always have someone with hypnotic pattern, as soon as they're high enough level to take the spell. This is because one particular player has learned how good it is and therefore always takes it. Always. No exceptions. And if that PC runs out of spell slots to cast it...
  16. jayoungr

    D&D 5E "Deep Magic" (Kobold Press)

    I just got my Kickstarter copy of Deep Magic by Kobold Press. I've looked at the new class options but haven't read through all the spells yet. I'm curious whether anyone else on the board has it, and if so, what you think of it. I know there was concern about balance in the earlier versions...
  17. jayoungr

    D&D 5E Curse of Strahd: Krezk

    Does anyone know of anything interesting for the PCs to do in the village of Krezk (as opposed to the abbey)? My players are about to head there next session, and I'm worried that it's going to fall flat. They will be bringing some wine from the Wizard of Wines, and they do want to consult the...
  18. jayoungr

    DDAL AL Adventures That Form Mid-size Story Arcs

    This an offshoot of a conversation I was having with @Hurin88 on another thread. Hurin (and several others) were wishing for the days of published adventures that were meant to cover three or four levels--something in between a one-shot and a full campaign. I mentioned that several of the AL...
  19. jayoungr

    D&D 5E Urgent, for tonight's game: Making a Swarm

    Does anyone know of a good guide to creating swarms out of low-level monsters?
  20. jayoungr

    D&D General Is GM Binder Worthwhile?

    I've found several interesting/potentially useful things on GM Binder lately, all of which I have converted to PDF and downloaded. I'm curious whether there's any benefit to getting a GM Binder account. The site itself really doesn't do a good job of pitching what it actually does. Is it just...