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  1. mach1.9pants

    Interview with 2000AD/Judge Dredd owner

    Sadly the licence for 2000AD has gone from EN Publishing, but this popped up on my subs. For those that don't know Lindybeige is a full on geek after my own heart, into military, RPG, and (now I see) 2000AD! He interviews Jason Kingsley , who I also follow on YouTube (Modern History TV) for his...
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    D&D 5E Rime of the Frostmaiden is live on D&D Beyond

    So I’ve downloaded it to my DDB app on my iPad, but won’t have time to peruse until morning break. As it is a pet love of mine, I’m happy to see Icewind Dale specific trinkets in the Appendices!
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    RGB lit dice coming to a Kickstarter near you soon

    Oh man, I am so splashing out for these!
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    The Endless Quest books are back

    I've not seen this mentioned, and a Google site search and ENW search showed blank, but it seems the Endless Quest series of books are back. Forgotten Realms books, obviously! They're out in September, with no mention if the rules are a sorta 5E lite or something similar...
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    A Small Glance at PF2's Equip & Armour I think the big contentious stuff is how interactions work - they each take one of your actions, so swapping weapons/shield/one-two handed/spell casting shenanigans are hit hard. Along with taking a fair bit of your offensive...
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    Meet Pathfinder 2's Cleric; Plus Spellcasting Basics!

    On the Paizo comments a lot of people are annoyed that classes get less than PF1, less class features and have to pay feats to get them back. The counter argument is that you get those feats instead of class features, just meaning you can chose how you want your class - rather than stuck with...
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    Purchased Gold

    Hi I purchased some gold, mainly as a little tip to ENW, but it has not appeared in my account. I've emailed a couple of times and had no reply. Any help Morrus?
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    D&D 5E DDB Developer Update Nov 17

    Some pretty in depth and interesting stuff here dropbear8mybaby gets a name drop for his 'Dagger Master' homebrew feat. Hopefully UA content will be coming soon, including the Revised Ranger. Also prices may have a drop...
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    D&D 5E Full contents leak for Xanathar's Guide

    Some clever IT person managed to parse the info from DDB Ch 1: Character Options Barbarian Path of the Ancestral Guardian | Path of the Storm Herald | Path of the Zealot Bard College of Glamour | College of Swords | College of Whispers Cleric Forge Domain | Grave Domain Druid Circle of...
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    Kickstarter Act 1 quality level

    Hi All Hopefully a simple question, I want to finish my Zeitgeist collection, I only backed for the first hardcover - dully received. However there are two options for the Act 2 and 3, and I'd like the internals to match. So can anyone tell me if the 1st Act sent to kickstarter backers was...
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    Pathfinder 1E Pathfinder:Kingmaker isometric CRPG This has more of my interest (and hopefully delivers a lot better) than the MMO Pathfinder game. I'd certainly play a good old fashioned CRPG, with PF rules - then the computer has to do all the hard number crunching with the buffs/de-buffs etc! I probably won't support...
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    Reference request for EN5ider articles

    Hi Morrus I've got a small request for EN5ider, I guess it probably applies to Trailseeker too. References to other articles are done in this format: * Ari Marmell, “Volumes of Forgotten Lore: Divine,” EN World EN5ider, volumes-of-lore-3140034 Which is great...
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    "... the 70s & 80s RPGs were fantasy games..."

    I'm really quite insulted by this vid, as one of those that were gaming (admittedly at the very end of the 70s on). I'm sure I remember playing Twilight 2000 and having an epic story of getting home to England during that time, with very little slaying as combat was dangerous! Obviously I was...
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    More Questioning of the Gygax Memorial Fund ... and lack of comms or progress

    This time it's Tim Kask asking: It really is a sad state that a) the money is sitting there doing nothing but slowly decreasing, momentum has been lost and b) that we hear nothing from the GMF or Mrs Gygax, apart...
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    D&D 5E Frog God Games Kicksarter. Converting a bunch of PF modules.

    Is here: Just a small one compared to previous, the massive Blight and Northland Saga. But a conversion to 5E and S&W of a bunch of excellent adventures from some PF only...
  16. mach1.9pants

    ToEE Campaign

    Hi All, esp merric 'cos I'm sure you'll know. ;) I've just played the first adventure of the campaign, and the rules are pretty poorly explained for the new elements of this game. Just for example nowhere that I've found does it say 'on each trap X place a trap token' which I have assumed to be...
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    PLAY CHRIS PERKINS’S SWORD COAST LEGENDS ADVENTURE Just downloading for a looksie now. :D EDIT: Whoops should be in the sub-forum, if a mod can please move. Sorry!
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    PLAY CHRIS PERKINS’S SWORD COAST LEGENDS ADVENTURE Just downloading for a looksie now. :D
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    D&D 5E FGG Kickstarter The Blight Richard Pett's Crooked City

    Is on! Here The Lost Lands: The Blight - Richard Pett's Crooked City It is not currently planned for 5E, just PF and S&W, but I am posting it here as there is strong hints that 5E may happen. What others that are after 5E are doing is backing at the $1 level then making a comment that if it...
  20. mach1.9pants

    Lost Lands: The Blight, a FGG Kickstarter

    I have posted more info in the pathfinder sub forum here But the awesomely terrific ( as in full of terror) author Pett is releasing his magnum opus as a Kickstarter here...