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  1. DMMike

    Fantasy cannibalism, a theoretical philosophy discussion

    I think some of you may have glossed over this: no heroes killed any other heroes here. One of them starved out, which probably means there was no meat left on his bones anyway. (See the movie, Seven, for a good starvation reference/visual.) The heroes can choose to be "heroes" and not eat...
  2. DMMike

    Settling on a Combat Playstyle

    What? Hey? Huh? There's a fight? I'm outta here!
  3. DMMike

    Settling on a Combat Playstyle

    That's pretty much what I do. Randomly determine something, in the absence of an obvious theme- or campaign-appropriate choice. Which means I end up with a random combat style. I'm on a bit of an electro-shock binge, though. If I can get an unaware watchman to start walking (away) by making...
  4. DMMike

    Am I no longer WoTC's target audience?

    WotC's casting a wider and wider net, is all. I wonder if that's what the invention of Planescape was: a call to any DMs who might be interested in third-party settings to stay with D&D, because Planescape allows access to all settings. I caught the not-target-market whiff back when the book...
  5. DMMike

    Low Fantasy - Best Systems?

    I'd like to give an honorable mention to my game, Modos RPG, for the following reasons (while the search for Best continues). . . First, the magic rules are in a module. Pull out the module and the remainder is, basically by default, low-fantasy. Magic swords don't get damage or attack...
  6. DMMike

    d&d is anti-medieval

    Anti-medieval? Well, D&D: rejects sexism welcomes demonic ideas and creatures (tieflings, dragonborn...elves?) directly rejects the natural course of disease and mayhem with cure spells and potions doesn't grant aristocracy automatic bonus levels promotes underground land-grabs (versus...
  7. DMMike

    Sharing Information

    You know what happens when you assume. Especially when players are involved. It's not a problem, though. If a PC knows it, an(other) NPC can know it too. If you're a student of J. J. Abrams, you can make any plot twist happen.
  8. DMMike

    D&D In The Mainstream - Again!

    I'm convinced now. These articles are PR, not "news."* Thanks I guess, Hasbro, for flexing those marketing muscles and spreading the good word of RPGs to the masses. * And, more certain that it's actually advertising, not even PR.
  9. DMMike

    the 3e skill system

    Look gang, I have the Rules Compendium. Or, Mike Mearls in a Bookbag.* Can I look something up for you? Try this: That's on the Introduction page. So even if you can roll a 44 Diplomacy, the DM can roll higher. I don't know. 12 is a good number of skills. Too few are the four skills in...
  10. DMMike

    "Simply20" Musings

    Morrus, what you've described sounds very similar to my game. So I can say with confidence: your idea is starting off on solid footing! Some thoughts: Why not just scale by level - a 10th level character can't exceed +10 skill points? If everybody gets "spells," while the mage gets 1 HP and...
  11. DMMike

    Videos of Groups with 10 minute 5th level (or above) Combat

    I don't have video, but I can give you the transcript: Okay, this one actually took 12 minutes, but I hope it helps!
  12. DMMike

    Drop-in Roll20 Game - help/ideas/discussion

    I was thinking that each pregen would have a blurb about character concept: a few sentences on identity and personality. Each would have a goal that would more or less align with the other pregens' goals. Not sure if these should be per-session goals, or a bit more broad? Good idea about...
  13. DMMike

    Drop-in Roll20 Game - help/ideas/discussion

    I'm about to open the floodgates on a new VTT (roll20) game - allowing random players to drop in. I figure that I can limit some of the chaos by requiring the use of pre-gens, but I still have some big questions like: Should there be a story explanation for the apparent personality disorders...
  14. DMMike

    Rolling 20s!!! What are your plans?!

    The sentiments so far are nice, but I'm not sure any of you are going to the lengths needed to properly welcome the lord of the new age beginning in 2020 and its holy symbol, the d20. I, for one, will be constructing a shrine to our new master. Also, I have a demo to finish writing and a...
  15. DMMike

    5E Expanding Inspiration

    Two minor changes, and Inspiration would be pretty close to the Hero Points I use: 1) Each day, gain (character level) Inspiration points. 2) When role-playing leads you to jeopardize an Ideal or Bond, or express a Flaw, regain an Inspiration point. The unique class-specific uses are a good...
  16. DMMike

    Holiday Gift Ideas for Your Players

    GMs can do gift-giving very cheaply, if their players are properly invested in the game. Magic items make great gifts! Provided you don't nerf them in the next session. ...unless you're using blockchain. Then you might actually have to pay for magic items...
  17. DMMike

    Ideas for 1st level encounters

    Job post: Dragonlords: perfect for 1st level adventurers.
  18. DMMike

    Magic In A Vaguely Realistic "Real World"

    Meh. I bet lawsuits would become a thing of the past once people realize they can use magic to solve their problems and/or create the money that they wanted in the first place. Also, science (and most intellectual disciplines) would quickly be renamed Quackery, given all the years that they've...
  19. DMMike

    Final Fantasy RPG 4th Edition

    A little late, 🤓 , but I appreciate fixing grammar bugs. Those drive me nuts. Also, "Chaos" in the adventure title is a sadistic, horribly evil, pun. Well done! I just dropped 4th edition on my "coffee table." Thanks!
  20. DMMike

    Abilities scores for an universtal system.

    Perfect? That's very nice of you. :whistle: Hmm. Optional attributes? I'm not sure if this has been done (Fate's aspects), is actually a skill idea instead of attributes, or if it is worth fleshing out. I'm interpreting your example to mean breaking up Dexterity into two attributes, and...