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    Atlanta FLGS?

    I am visiting Atlanta, GA for the week and was looking for any suggestions on good/cool/interesting FLGS. I am staying just off of exit 260 on I-75 but I have time to kill so I dont mind driving a bit. If suggestions could include an address (for mapquest) or phone number that would be great...
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    Blind Swordsman - need help designing

    I am working on a new character concept and I am throwing this out for all you you learned folks to help me flesh out the technical details. My basic concept is an elf fighter who was part of a school of swordmasters. His school is attacked and wiped out and he is blinded and left for dead...
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    Variant Toughness Feat(s)

    My players and I have been pretty disappointed with the Toughness feat (and its sucessor feats, Dwarf's Toughness, Giant's Toughness, and Dragon's Toughness). I have a player who, even though he would have been perfect for the Dwarven Defender PrC, decided not to pursue it as he conisdered...