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    Alignment, Magic, and Style

    A Foundation I’ve been thinking a lot about magic recently. In particular, how I would like it expressed in my home game. Like many, I imagine, my D&D campaign is a pseudo- feudal milieu that is remarkably tolerant of other races, creeds and sexes. Everyone mostly gets along with each other...
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    Myrddraal Art

    I'm trying to track down some artists and books. Type "myrddraal" in the search engine of your choice. Examine the images that appear. One of the first is a picture of an eyeless man looking out from the picture, armored, holding his sword by the hilt on his chest, point down. There are dry...
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    Shaping the Elemental Chaos

    I was sure that there was a new skill, power or something to shape the Elemental Chaos around you. I seem to remember it being one of the first things you needed to learn when trying to make your own demiplane. But, I can't find it in my books. Does this ring a bell, or am I misremembering...
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    Cheap Magic Card Lists

    I'm looking for some card lists for some capable but cheap decks. This is another situation where a former player's spawn is getting interested in the game. :) My goal is to get a set of 5 two-color decks so that he can see the basic themes and interactions of the colors. These decks would be...
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    Goths, Celts and Vikings

    So, if I was going to highlight the major differences between these cultures, what would they be? The goal is to make stylistic differences between groups of humans; different races, if you will.
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    Domain List

    Is there an online list of the domains from Divine Power anywhere? Bonus points if the standard deities are also listed with theirs. There isn't a list on the WotC site and it seems to be down right at the moment, anyway.
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    Interesting Extraplanar Cities?

    What would be 5-7 interesting extraplanar cities to adventure in or around? I'm trying to come up with a number of appropriate mythic locales when the party is either appropriately bored with the knights, robber barons and EHP. You have the City of Brass. That's not only iconic to D&D but...
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    I need a McGuffin

    Kinda stuck for creativity. The heroes have recovered a broken dwarven hammer and the Invulnerable Coat of Arnd from the tomb of an ancient dwarven hero. They have accepted the geas to go forth and smite the hobgoblins of the Black Flame tribe who have held an ancient dwarven citadel for...
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    HRE Map

    I am looking for a map and the names of the 350 counties of Charlemagne's Empire. I'm kicking around an idea where after the HRE is establlished Charlemagne and his three sons are removed leaving the counts to hash out who is next.
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    Resist Fire feat?

    In my hurried look through the books before work, I was trying to find a Resist [Element] feat, where you gain Resist Fire 5, say. I was sure that there was one but I can't find it. Does anyone know if it exists? For some context, a dragonborn cleric, 4th level, is looking to become resistant...
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    Thoughts on Amber v. Chaos

    Amber v. Chaos & Pattern v. Logrus In building something comparable and evocative for my D&D game it took me some time to consider the differences between the two. They were the capstone powers of Zelazny’s stories. Magic, technology or other powers might be stronger or weaker in some shadows...
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    Shadow source confirmed!

    YES! Must... resist.. happy dance... at work...
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    Favorite Fantasy Gods

    What are your favorite deities from games or fiction? For some reason I really like Issek of the Jug. While he was only featured in one story and mentioned in another, Issek's faith really captured my imagination. The imagery and self-sacrifice of the cult really grabbed me. I also thought the...
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    World Size

    Is there any theoretical limit as to how large a moon of a gas giant can be? I was kicking around an idea for a system with three inhabitable worlds, the warm planet, the icy planet and the inhabital moon. The strange fields around the jovian planet purturbed by its moons, allow the inhabitable...
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    OD&D B/X Bard charm

    Here’s the bardic charm skill for my B/X game. Much of the text is adapted from the 1st ed PHB. The singing and playing of a bard has a chance of charming most creatures. Creatures within 40 feet of a bard have a chance of being charmed and entranced by his song. The bard plays for one round...
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    Dice and Odds

    What are the odds of rolling 3, 5, 7, 9, 11 or higher on 2d6?
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    I need a mansion

    I need a mansion for my players to trash this weekend. After the BBEG escaped from my players as I was running Sellswords of Punjar, they have tracked it down to a strange Shar-esque cult in the poor quarter. The cult leader (a certain warlock they had a run-in with earlier) has holed up in an...
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    List of Pacts

    The pacts we have available are: Infernal, Star, Fey (PHB 1) Dark (FRPG) Vestige (Arcane Handbook) Are there any others, known or rumored?
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    My first custom monster!

    Minor spoilers for some Goodman Games DCCs. I've run my second game of 4e tonight. The first was all talking and no action, and my players were itching for a fight tonight. They are currently going though Sellswords of Punjar and are trying to be clever by avoiding the front door and going...
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    Using some "history".

    I was going to fork this from the history thread, but I couldn't find it. I've been tinkering with making / remaking a new campaign world and I thought that I would look to some paleantology for some inspiration. ~ 130,000 y.a. Ice Age begins. Remains with complete Neanderthal characteristics...