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    D&D 5E Dark Souls is coming to 5th Edition

    The main reason I'm disappointed about this is that there's already a Dark Souls TTRPG that sounds really interesting, and this means we're probably never seeing an official translation. Like if I want to run 5e in a Dark Souls style world, I can just do that. But designing an underlying...
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    Online Digital Tools Disappearance Risk Discussion

    Most of the tools do still exist. Some 4e die hards have managed to hack together a way to get the offline builder to have all the content, and they've gotten every single power, enemy, item, etc. in a version of the Portable Compendium. I've been using it to successfully run and play 4e at...
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    Gate Pass Gazette What content do y'all want from Gate Pass Gazette?

    I really like it when games let players get weird. Like the big thing that's been tempting me to get into Pathfinder 2e is that I can play as a giant sentient tarantula, a haunted doll, a cactus, or a gnostic soul animating a tree into a vaguely humanoid form. I'd love weird options like that...
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    Level Up (A5E) Playtest results using pregen characters

    You know, I wonder if this would be solved if each target could only have the "press the attack" action done against them one per round or something.
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    Level Up (A5E) Playtest results using pregen characters

    I think it would be slightly less bad, as the one target would still get advantage when retaliating against the others, but yeah, it's not solving the "why wouldn't everyone just press the attack to take the one guy out before he can retaliate against anyone" problem. Actually, now that I'm...
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    Level Up (A5E) Classes: Winner and Losers

    I do also feel like the range of Commanding Presence lends itself to situations where there's one main target you want to kill, but another that you want to keep away from the party. You can get yourself right in the latter's face, use a maneuver to knock them prone or something, and then...