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    WOIN What is a 'spell'?

    Howdy! I was wondering what, exactly, a spell is? Is it just something that costs MP? Or is it meant to be exploits from magical careers too? I'm asking because some exploits affect 'spells' specifically, and I'm wondering if it's intended for those to affect those exploits as well. Just as...
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    WOIN Help looting magically

    Just wondering if anyone can advise me on a way to increase how much a character can carry and lift magically. Not like a permanent increase, or an exploit or anything. Just a spell to help loot a bunch of stuff. I'd initially thought Infuse Metal and Earth, for Strength and Endurance. But...
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    WOIN Loremaster and Int question

    Howdy Russ. I had a question about Loremaster and its Int requirement. I noticed some time ago that every career I saw that had an attribute prerequisite also boosted that attribute. It is very much possible I missed one, but all the ones I noticed followed that pattern. And it kinda fits...
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    WOIN What affects incorporeal

    Howdy. Had some questions regarding the above topics. So, incorporeal. Unless I've missed it, it's not a condition or anything specifically spelled out. There are a few places things are mentioned about it however. From page 274 - Spirit - Spirits are incorporeal, have the evil virtue, and...
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    WOIN Disarmored

    Howdy. So, disarmored is listed as as a fire/heat condition on page 151. I can assume it's similar to disarmed. But it's not actually listed anywhere that I've found. A search of the PDF actually only has it pop up the one time. Is this meant to be a valid condition? Or is it a typo or...
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    WOIN Character planning sheet

    At one point I had a character sheet that had a sort of grade tracking/planning page. You could basically mark down what you'd taken at each grade, helping keep stuff straight during character creation and such. I can't find it on my computer, and can't remember what it was called or where I...
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    WOIN Deadly Strike error

    In the deal strike exploit it says you can exchange attack for damage dice at the old 2:1 ratio. Just a heads up for errata/editing.
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    WOIN Secret of Space Advice

    I'm looking for some creative advice on the use of the secret of space in the O.L.D. magic system. My character has every magic skill except illude, enchant, and transform. Though I'll be getting 1 rank in each as soon as enough xp is earned probably. My current ideas, inspired by uses in the...
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    WOIN Inflict Condition Secret and Magical Exertion

    Howdy. What secrets inflict the conditions listed in the skill? The book says to check the Elements by Attribute table. But I'm missing how that tells what secret causes Blind or Poisoned. Also, on page 177, at the end of General Enhancements, the Magical Exertion exploit is listed. It's also...
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    WOIN Vital Defense and Size

    Howdy. The FAQ for OLD and the NEW 1.2 book specifies size doesn't affect Mental Defense, and nothing is said about size specifically with Vital Defense, leaving one to think that size should lessen Vital Defense. This doesn't quite make sense, so I'm assuming this is just an oversight right...
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    WOIN Armor cost for Large creature

    Howdy. I tried to find it in the book and on the boards, but couldn't do so. If I missed it, my apologies. But, what's the rule for increasing the cost of armor for a large (or bigger) creature? I mean, I assume there'd have to be one. More material, more work. Part of me says the weapon...
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    Howdy! I'm looking at running a game pretty heavily inspired by the Deathworlders story by Hambone. The key thing I'm trying to emulate is the sense that humans are physical powerhouses. They are stronger and hardier than other alien species. An average human being able to kill an average...