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    D&D 5E Dark Sun 5E Campaign Guide & Monster Manual (link)

    Anything new over here? Just curious.
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    D&D 3E/3.5 Half-Dragon Dragon Breath and Dragon Shaman Breath Weapon

    Hi! Are Half-Dragon Dragon Breath and Dragon Shaman Breath Weapon considered different? If I use one, do I need to wait to use the other one or can I use both on consecutive round? Thanks!
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    D&D 3E/3.5 HeroForge Anew (D&D 3.5 Character Builder)

    Posted it on RPG forum too : Getting this error when I open the file: [I hope you can understand, it's translated from french] "This workbook contains names defined in conflict with valid cell references." "To resolve this problem, underscore ( _ ) have been added to the names in...
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    Off to see the Wizards: The day that WotC showed me D&D 5th Edition

    Two things : 1- I'd really like to know their thoughts behind the "why a 5th ed". Why they came to the conclusion that they should do a big change about it; the reasons behind the decision. 2- Since they are going to questions the public about the 5th ed, I think it's very important to open a...
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    Dungeon #110

    Well, sorry here for having been a bit cranky :) While I am not of team, I am one of those who sticked to all the discussions and board since the beginning. Thanks Flip for having given these information, but again, I feel as him, sad to see two differents conversions going on...
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    Dungeon #110

    Maybe if you would actually explore the WotC DS board more than just wandering, maybe you would see that the team already said that they didnt recieved ANY informations whatsoever coming from WotC. They were left alone with the settings and now that the job is completed, someone else...
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    Dungeon #110

    Yes, sorry, I missed that part of your explanation about Elan. Thanks for the maenads answer. I understand it's better for a magazine to print monsters for a settings, but why didnt they bothered have the same monsters than They could have at least share their though and they could...
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    Dungeon #110

    Of course they don't own the right. It's like a factory, your boss own the plant, but it give you instruction for a final product. What happen if, after FOUR years of job on something, you get a wonderful product and all of the sudden, he buy the SAME thing you worked on for 4 year from another...
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    Dungeon #110

    About Darksun: 1- Did he mentionned how he intend to explain where does come from the maenads and the elan (which is male "moose" in french) in a setting where the plane and world sphere are closed to all the others worlds? 2- Why having converted monsters that as already been converted by...