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    TSR TSR3.5 Launches IndieGogo Campaign to "Stop" WotC

    "But think of how much they could have made if they hadn't gone Woke!" -the next series of nonsensical arguments
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    Star Trek Strange New Worlds, what did you think?

    Just commenting to let you all know that I'm shaking an angry fist at you since this thread convinced me to add Paramount+ to my Roku. I guess I have some serious Trek to catch up on.
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    Marvel Multiverse Role-Playing Game Playtest Impressions

    It took me a few tries to get into ICONS but when I did finally grok it, it really blew me away. I've done quite a bite with Fate, so I think the similarities were initially throwing me off, but reading, re-reading & then really playing with Qualities in-game was a real "Aha!" moment. It sits...
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    Marvel Multiverse Role-Playing Game Playtest Impressions

    Can confirm. MHR is sometimes (perhaps often) described as a narrative game, but it's really not. The narration is in the Why you're doing something, and slightly bleeds into the How in terms of which dice you're using to build your pool. But that pool is the meat of the How. I've found it to...
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    D&D General NuTSR's Rebound "Black Books" - What About the Back Cover?

    The complete history of TSR as imagined by LaNasa and Ernie, a rather lengthy diatribe that, due to spacing issues, had to be rendered in 3.5 pt. font, causing the letters to all blur and meld together into a massive gold-leaf blob. When pressed on it, they will claim that this is their flagship...
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    Check Out This Preview of the Marvel Multiverse Role-Playing Game

    So the modifier is the score +7, while the defense is the modifier +11. I think they're trying to tell us that this will be marketed nationwide through 7-Elevens.
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    TSR TSR3.5 Launches IndieGogo Campaign to "Stop" WotC

    Hey, they've won the hearts and minds of...well, the heartless and the mindless.
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    Why Do You Hate An RPG System?

    A lot of people really hype Atomic Robo as a great introduction to Fate. I am not one of those people. AR is a great rendition of Fate, but it also introduces some ideas & complexities that I find distract from the core simplicity of the game itself. If you're still interested in Fate the...
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    D&D General Jennell Jaquays Appreciation

    Jennell Jaquays was immensely influential on my D&D-related gaming back in the '80s. As a matter of fact, her Dark Tower kicked off my long-running Arduin game, and it was epic. Whenever I saw her name in JG-related materials they were pretty much a must-buy, as I knew that she would be...
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    D&D General "Red Orc" American Indians and "Yellow Orc" Mongolians in D&D

    That's a gross oversimplification of Howard's life at the time. Certainly he had his issues (as we all do), but he was very much in the position of being a caregiver for his mother, decades before such a term even existed. And with those duties came a substantial amount of stress. I have seen...
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    D&D 5E Yes to factionalism. No to racism.

    That's always been kind of the thing with D&D. The social and cultural elements have been very streamlined over the years, with the onus being on any given DM to flesh out interesting variations from the norm. Of course, not every DM wants (or should be expected to) put in the work to...
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    D&D 5E Yes to factionalism. No to racism.

    I have a goatee and I roll dice. I feel threatened.
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    TSR TSR3.5 Launches IndieGogo Campaign to "Stop" WotC

    No idea, but the lawyer that gamed with us back in the '90s defined the concept of a Saurig* barbarian for our group. I think he did far too much wheeling & dealing during the week, and by Thursday night he was ready to hack & slash. *Basically a tough lizardman, from the Arduin Grimoire.
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    TSR TSR3.5 Voluntarily Dismisses Lawsuit

    And they are likely even now scouring Eastern WA for the perfect district to file in. "Hmm...Yakima, Franklin County, many choices!!!"
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    TSR TSR3.5 Launches IndieGogo Campaign to "Stop" WotC

    That ban should be worn like a badge of honor.
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    TSR Well, they've filed it....

    It seems like, from reading about the Indiegogo campaign, that they so far have an astonishingly few supporters willing to fork out actual cash.
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    TSR Well, they've filed it....

    Reading through the thread earlier today, that's what stuck out to me the most. I can't decide if: 1) FauxTSR is arrogant enough to believe that it has some sort of valid claim, and will decisively win the case, or 2) This is some sort of extended scam, in which their loss will become some...
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    TSR TSR3.5 Launches IndieGogo Campaign to "Stop" WotC

    I brought my GF to the game back in 1981, and she's still a hard-core gamer to this day. I know this for a fact, since we've been married for over 30 years. Anecdotal evidence, of course, but I think it beats the heck out of that guy's "girlfriends wrecked the game!" assumption.