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  1. eondesigner

    Sale 3D Printed Metal Dice – Cyber Monday Deal!

    On November 29th, Shapeways will offer 10% off for Cyber Monday. Code: CYBER2021 Deals @ Shapeways are rare, and lots of custom dice and miniatures available, so make the most of it while the offer is on. Here's a link to my own custom dice sets:
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  3. eondesigner

    Cthulhu D20

    Hi all, Here’s another shameless plug of my wares that hopefully a few of you will be interested in. I’ve designed a new metal dice (available through Shapeways) inspired by the works of H P Lovecraft, specifically the nightmarish creature Cthulhu. I’d appreciate any feedback or questions from...
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  5. eondesigner

    Metal Dice!

    Metal Dice! in plastic Hi gamers, due to popular demand my Celtic themed metal dice are now available in plastic, designed with a solid core to give them as much weight as possible...
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  7. eondesigner

    Metal Dice!

    I can guarantee there’s no Katana Kontroversy here. There is however a 4 day offer on at shapeways, so if anyone hasn’t ordered any dice yet or wants to add to the ones they have already, now’s a good time to do it. $15 off any order of $100 or more with the code ‘s1e5s’ at the checkout...
  8. eondesigner

    Metal Dice!

    Thanks. Scale in picture depends how big your monitor/screen is, the dice are standard scale, approximately 2cm/0.8inch high for the D20, and are very readable as the numbers are flatter than the body of the dice they tend to catch the light. They aren't as heavy as some metal dice I've used due...
  9. eondesigner

    Metal Dice!

    Thanks, I have a red jasper mini set and they're pretty cool. You can never have too many dice though.
  10. eondesigner

    Metal Dice!

    Thanks for the comments. Choose the silver option and combine with sling for effective anti-werewolf/undead weapons. Seriously though, they aren't as dangerous as they look, although I wouldn't recommend shoving them in your eyes, or swallowing them for that matter.
  11. eondesigner

    Metal Dice!

    Hi, I’d just like to share a link to my newly created metal dice over on Shapeways, a company that uses technical wizardry to produce physical objects from people’s imagination (ok, from digital models). I would love to hear what you think about my...
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  13. eondesigner

    TSR Unearthed Arcana: TSR Policies

    Can't speak directly for that show but my guess is its designed that way in an attempt to 'combat' other network's shows like 'the simpsons' and 'spongebob'. Deliberately anarchic without being offensive. They know what they're doing (most of the time).
  14. eondesigner

    Bad Gateways, anyone?

    I was getting those too. Seems ok now though. Apparently if you can get past nine of them it opens a doorway, straight to Asmodeus's blog. :devil:
  15. eondesigner

    TSR Unearthed Arcana: TSR Policies

    Ok, apologies, maybe a little too far in this case, but the atrocities you mentioned were preceded by book burnings. Just saying.
  16. eondesigner

    TSR Unearthed Arcana: TSR Policies

    I actually worked for Disney for a time and the guidelines for artists are surprisingly relaxed although there's so many approval processes that anything a little 'adventurous' tends to get removed or watered down along the way. I kind of understand a set of rules in place for kids media, but...
  17. eondesigner

    TSR Unearthed Arcana: TSR Policies

    An interesting read, thanks for sharing. Crazy to think they found it necessary to write these guidelines, they must have been under attack by 'moral' groups at the time. Imagine if novels or movies adhered to these rules.
  18. eondesigner

    Greyhawk experts, help me fill in my 2nd Ed Boxed Sets campaign

    Night Below for us was a great module and we ended it at the City of Glass Pool (negotiating with 'the locals' for safe passage to the surface). It is very removed from the surface world, you may as well be on another plane, so running the war above may be a little redundant, we played A1-4 the...
  19. eondesigner

    Favorite D&D Campaign Setting?

    We live in Greyhawk, but holiday in Planescape. They work well together, although most other settings would work in tandem with Planescape it has to be Greyhawk for me.
  20. eondesigner

    Looking for some good adventure modules

    I really enjoyed 'Ghost tower of Inverness' for mid-levels and for higher levels 'White plume mountain' is a classic, there's a great 2nd edition 'Return to White plume mountain' also. The weapons in both modules can be game changing though, so make sure you have a plan to deal with them.