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  1. harunmushod

    What Aspects of Older Games Have Aged Well? (+)

    I’d add to the CoC point you made, that as well as the rule changes being solid, they are also backwards compatible so it’s easy to run a 1st edition scenario using 7th edition rules. In general, the BRP system has held up well - Runequest too.
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    Suggestion for Western RPG

    Try this. / If that doesn't work, that may be because you need to join the facebook group first. Link to the group is: Once you've joined either try the link again or search "Wild West". My post should be the first result.
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    Suggestion for Western RPG

    I asked a similar question on the Facebook Group on Tabletop RPGs
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    Nominate your MOST ANTICIPATED RPG of 2022

    Pendragon 6e the link is to the first post from Chaosium discussing the design. It’s the only place I could find official confirmation that there is going to be a 6e. The official Chaosium page about the game is still understandably focussing on the current 5.2 edition of the game.
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    RPG Crowdfunding News – Rewards & Rarities, Traveller, Reach of the Roach God, and more

    The Traveller JTAS Kickstarter is indeed for three issues (7-9) of the JTAS but worth mentioning that it included stretch goals for another three issues (10-12) all of which have been unlocked. Also only the £85 pledge, which I backed, includes the “Guide to the Starport of the Marches”. (I...
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    Payn's Ponderings Traveller Editions

    You can also develop skills and characteristics with improved gear, particularly augments and AI. Admittedly it risks turning Traveller characters into an SF equivalent of a cosmetic surgery junkie, but if these things were available for real, we would have celebrity cyborgs for sure (Arnie...
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    Tell me of one of your favorite RPGs and the Adventure that must be run.

    Runequest, and Gringle's Pawnshop from Apple Lane (in 2nd edition). Not the best roleplaying scenario, but a good bridge from board or skirmish games to roleplaying.
  8. harunmushod

    NEED ADVICE: Call of Cthulhu - "Best" Edition For Newcomers and Long Absent Players

    Like others, I like 7th edition i came back into the game with 6th edition, but 7th edition is far better. Also, if you've forgotten "The Haunting" (aka" The Haunted House" in 2nd ed) or playing with new players to the game, the free quickstart rules are a good place to get reacquainted...
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    RPG Crowdfunding News – Dungeons of Drakkenheim, DCC Dying Earth, CoC Classic, and more

    Classic Call of Cthulhu 2" Boxed Set actually includes: “Rulebook, 1920s Sourcebook, character sheets, cut-outs, world map, plus 5 supplements.” On DCC Dying Earth Kickstarter “For fans of Jack Vance’s work and DCC, this is a perfect combination” unless you live outside the US and find the...
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    Traveller: rules for side effects of using firearms in a spaceship ?

    There are damage scaling rules (p.157 of MgT2e core rule book), so you could apply a tenth of the damage to the ship every time a personal missile attack missed the individual. Don’t apply armour protection unless fighting in an area that warrants it, and apply the effects of sustained damage if...
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    Which image is better?

    For sure, one looks better, but from a practical point of view, it’s more likely that the first picture someone sees will attract interest if it shows a setting that that viewer is interested in. That is more likely with the five.
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    D&D Movie/TV The D&D Movie Has Begun Filming!

    Loved that film, but I guess Spider-man: Homecoming (which I haven’t seen) might be a better benchmark for how this film might turn out.
  13. harunmushod

    Which non-Star Wars or non-Star Trek Sci-Fi RPG do you currently play?

    The whole group (bar one) used to play Megatraveller. That said, I intend to do as you suggest and start the campaign with a couple of smaller adventures before getting into Drinax, to loosen our atrophied Traveller muscles (last played in 2014).
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    Which non-Star Wars or non-Star Trek Sci-Fi RPG do you currently play?

    I intend to get that too. As Drinax is a sandbox campaign, I’ll no doubt be able to dip into it fairly regularly.
  15. harunmushod

    Which non-Star Wars or non-Star Trek Sci-Fi RPG do you currently play?

    Nothing currently, but used to play Traveller and MegaTraveller and have just ordered the Monsoon Traveller 2e core rule books, a campaign (Pirates of Drinax) and the Journals (of the Travellers Aid Society, a Traveller magazine), so I guess I’ll be running that soon enough.
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    Podcast #147: Shadow of Mogg with Panayiotis Lines

    Dunno what you're talking about. That was a simply a point about expanding the rule mechanic to allow for voting on three options.
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    Podcast #147: Shadow of Mogg with Panayiotis Lines

    There are three options, so it would need a second preference vote (as should have happened for EU referendum). That’s not catered for in the current rules. Scope perhaps for a Mogg Companion? Although, probably wouldn’t go down well with his wife or his unwavering Catholicism.
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    Podcast #147: Shadow of Mogg with Panayiotis Lines

    I think we should have a vote on whether mob rule is a Brexit thing, a socialist thing or neither. Happily, there’s a voting mechanic in the game itself (and, as an added side benefit, a preview for you, John).
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    Podcast #147: Shadow of Mogg with Panayiotis Lines

    Any game about Brexit that “explores the ramifications of mob rule democracy, the frailty of hope, the banality of evil” has to be good. I bought it.