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  1. cbwjm

    D&D 5E All character races are Medium-sized...why?

    I don't think the aura thing is enough of a reason not to include large PCs, but it is the reason we're given. Additionally, once they get weapons sized for them, they'd be dealing twice the base weapon damage as a medium PC (assuming the damage increase for weapons for larger creatures holds...
  2. cbwjm

    D&D 5E Half races as sub-races? (+)

    I did something like this for planetouched races which could be chosen in place of subrace for any race so that a dwarf could be "azer-blooded" by selecting the fire soul subrace. I adjusted humans as well so that they could take these bloodlines and then removed the standard planetouched races.
  3. cbwjm

    D&D 5E Speculation thread! Vecna? Giants UA?

    I tried linking things together, but just ended up with Kevin Bacon.
  4. cbwjm

    D&D 5E New Unearthed Arcana Today: Giant Themed Class Options and Feats

    With it being a world of dragons, I'd expect epic architecture and kingdoms of dragonborn, kobolds, and other scalykind led by dragons, though I might just be thinking of my setting which has a similar theme of dragons vs giants vs elementals.
  5. cbwjm

    D&D 5E New Unearthed Arcana Today: Giant Themed Class Options and Feats

    It's only a couple of feats. If it was 3 or 4 then maybe that would be bad, but a single feat needing one other feat isn't much of a feat chain.
  6. cbwjm

    D&D 5E New Unearthed Arcana Today: Giant Themed Class Options and Feats

    Had a quick look through, I'm fine with some feats requiring a minimum level. I'd change the Druid's history bonus to straight up expertise rather than a 1d4 roll, I think that extra die roll is unnecessary since we already have a system for better skill use. One thing I didn't realise is that...
  7. cbwjm

    Do you have a favourite dinosaur?

    I met Pete!
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  9. cbwjm

    5.5E Elf as a class

    The alfheim becmi book brought in the elf wizard which was a specialisation for the elf where they could continue to boost their magical abilities at the expense of their warrior abilities. You could add this as a specialisation option at level 11 so that they choose to gain more fighter options...
  10. cbwjm

    D&D 5E Gravetouched with multiple damage types

    I'd either rule that the base damage (piercing) is converted or do what BookTenTiger mentioned and make it all the damage, letting you roll an addition die of the highest one available.
  11. cbwjm

    Do you have a favourite dinosaur?

    I always wanted these books as a kid. I guess now that I'm an adult I can go out and buy them. I wonder if they're still around.
  12. cbwjm

    Do you have a favourite dinosaur?

    A cartoon from the 80s, that means that the cartoon was created to sell the toys. I think it only had something like 12 episodes, I loved it back in the day and had some of the toys along with the small comic books that toys often came with back then (I'm thinking mostly these guys and masters...
  13. cbwjm

    Do you have a favourite dinosaur?

    Oh man, thinking about it, I need to get to Auckland museum while they still have the T-Rex skeleton there!
  14. cbwjm

    Do you have a favourite dinosaur?

    It's hard to choose just one, but I concur.
  15. cbwjm

    D&D 5E What rule(s) is 5e missing?

    I dunno, he mentioned how it does less damage to neutrals, that seems like it would fit the description for holy smite.
  16. cbwjm

    D&D General Let's Talk About Dragons

    Dragons in my homebrew setting have been changed up to fit the background, 9 (so far) dragon elders created the current dragon broods of flame, frost, storm, and life. 5 elders instead take dragons of the 4 broods to create their followers, creating seers, dragonmages, platinum dragons, twisted...
  17. cbwjm

    D&D General Let's Talk About Dragons

    Look to 4e if you can, they typically had some cool abilities that made them a true menace to the players. Things like elemental auras or breath weapons that stripped resistance to their elemental damage will make players respect the power of dragons again.
  18. cbwjm

    D&D General The importance of Dragonlance

    I think something that people focus on when it comes to dragonlance adventures was the so-called rail road nature of the modules, ignoring the campaign setting itself. The 2e box set was essentially set up as a very large hex crawl if that's how you wanted to run it, I didn't even really...
  19. cbwjm

    D&D 5E What rule(s) is 5e missing?

    You're probably thinking of holy smite. It excludes good creatures and has less effect on neutral creatures. Holy Smite ::
  20. cbwjm

    D&D 5E +What Tricks and Shortcuts Do You Use To Make Monsters and other Hazards More Challenging?

    I've made some bad guys elite. This gives them max hit points, the ability to make 1 attack at the end of a player's turn (like a legendary enemy) and grants advantage on some saves. Basically it just makes them a bit more of a threat for the players. I might also combine other templates with it...