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  1. Eltab

    D&D 5E Which of the Demon Lords put up a good fight?

    Which (if any) of the published Demon Lords have you used in your game? Which ones made for a memorable experience? Were any of them especially tough, or easily overcome? What would you change about them / their stats if you were to use them again? If you used the 'battle royale' option in...
  2. Eltab

    ENWorld Notifications

    Morrus, I noticed, about the same time as ENWorld changed its logo, that my weekly "There is activity in a thread" e-mail notifications are coming from "Pathfinder" instead of "ENWorld". I can still figure out what is going on, but figured you ought to know about it. I imagine this is an...
  3. Eltab

    D&D 5E It Came from the Depths of the Abyss

    The situation: A Band of Heroes (a.k.a. the PCs) have defeated Boss1 and Boss2. They are known to be sailing aboard a merchant ship towards Boss3, Boss4, and FinalBoss’s home. The remaining bosses meet to take counsel. All bosses have gained their power by consorting with fiends. They know...
  4. Eltab

    Need help finding an LFR adventure

    I'm trying to remember a detail from the last LFR Battle Interactive, The End and the Beginning. 1) What was the name of the dragon who shows up at Draigdurroch Tower? 2) Is there a website where I can download / read LFR adventure modules? 2b) Including BIs? Thanks to all.
  5. Eltab

    Art Objects: Pimp My Lair (originally by wereooze)

    Art Objects ... Pimp your BBEG's crib ! DM: A search of the necromancer's tower uncovers 4500 gold pieces, a Shield +2, and a 1700 GP gem-encrusted ring. Player: Another gem-encrusted ring ?! Who buys all this stuff? Who buys gem-encrusted stuff indeed? An oft-ignored (until now) treasure...
  6. Eltab

    Proposal - new Ranger archetype

    After paging through the SCAG earlier this week, I was inspired to try to re-create the Impilturan Demonslayer paragon path for 5e. Constructive criticism welcome. Editorial comments and opinion requests in red. Ranger Archetype: Impilturan Demonslayer Impiltur, the land of the Paladin-Princes...
  7. Eltab

    Tiefling Variants

    Disclaimer: I have not yet seen the Sword Coast Adventurers Guide material, so I may step on their toes a bit... Edit2: ... or maybe not... I created some non-Asmodean Tieflings for character concepts with some ...thing... else in their family tree. These are intended to be a close parallel to...