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  1. Marc_C

    Prydain as a campaign setting?

    Does it use race-as-class or are classes separate from races?
  2. Marc_C

    Prydain as a campaign setting?

    Sounds like a good system to do solitary games with a party of 4 characters.
  3. Marc_C

    The state of Neko Princess

    I used to be a member of The Piazza until I realized I was wallowing in nostalgia for editions of D&D I no longer play - editions that cannot be 'fixed' to my tastes without major changes. Let's just say it wasn't good for me psychologically. I'm much better now.
  4. Marc_C

    Prydain as a campaign setting?

    Is Beyond the Wall a PtbA game? I see the use the term 'Play Book' in the description.
  5. Marc_C

    The state of Neko Princess

    Welcome I've been running a Fantasy AGE campaign since the beginning of Covid. If you don't already know Green Ronin will be publishing an updated version of the game in May 2022. The play test occurred last summer and they art currently working on the graphic design. The new core book will be...
  6. Marc_C

    If Gaming Wasn't Your Hobby...?

    Robotics* and miniature rocketry were my hobbies before I discovered war games and RPGs. I would have continued that I guess. I started doing miniature rockets again just before Covid. Considering picking up robot kits now that they can be controlled with a smartphone. (*we build a R2D2 using...
  7. Marc_C

    What tropes do you want to see more of in fantasy RPGs?

    That is why Christians have saints. There is a saint for just about anything you might need intercession for.
  8. Marc_C

    Star Wars: The Book of Boba Fett - Official Trailer (2021)

    Looking forward to this. Disney should stop doing SW movies and concentrate on SW tv series with high production quality. SW originated from emulating pulp short serials after all.
  9. Marc_C

    D&D General What are Players?

    A player is someone who squeezes the system for as many bonuses and advantages he can get while saying he prefers roll less role-playing. 🙃
  10. Marc_C

    An Elf By Any Other Name . . .

    This. Elves are no longer called elves in Warhammer Fantasy Battle. They are named Sylvaneth. For IP reasons.
  11. Marc_C

    Foundation Series (Apple+)

    A slow burn series. Curious to see how the Emperor fares with the three Goddesses.
  12. Marc_C

    RPG Theory- The Limits of My Language are the Limits of My World

    RPG theory is interesting to read on a blog or in a book. I stopped discussing rpg theory on forums because it is very time consuming and talking past each other is often the end result. I prefer using my time to work on my campaigns.
  13. Marc_C

    Moral Dilemma: Killing and Deaths in RPGs

    If the system is lethal for the PCs and they never don't grow into superheroes during advancement it generally forces the players to use other methods than combat to advance the story forward. If they use combat it is only as a last resort. The Expanse (Green Ronin) and Coriolis (Free League)...
  14. Marc_C

    Game Wizards: An In-Depth Review

    Sounds like the portrait I was able to piece together from various sources over the last 4-5 years. I had no idea Arneson existed until the late 90s. At first I rooted for him when I learned part of the story. Now I agree with the book's assessment. He didn't have a large output and needed...
  15. Marc_C

    [VTT] Going Back to VTT Instead of Live Play

    The comparison with a music band is really good. That is how I see it. We are there to play and focus on an activity that releases us from day to day life for a few hours.
  16. Marc_C

    Does anybody else experience "DM's High"?

    'GM high' is a thing. I often have trouble falling asleep after a session in the evening. It is similar to the creative rush I get when I do conceptual graphic design. Shutting down the 'creative engine' takes some time. Reading a novel helps take my brain off the game until the next morning. I...
  17. Marc_C

    There’s a TOMB RAIDER RPG Coming!

    My wife is a fan of the game, plays rpgs and is not interested. Quote: "you can do this with just about any modern era rpg. It's a campaign setting."
  18. Marc_C

    [VTT] Going Back to VTT Instead of Live Play

    That is a very good point. I also view my RPG sessions as gaming. Not as a social encounter.
  19. Marc_C

    [VTT] Going Back to VTT Instead of Live Play

    If we didn't have VTT my second group, in which I am a player, would simply not exist. VTT allows me to play every week. Something I haven't done since the early 80s. I used to host a FTF group during the 90s. My wife and I cooked dinner for 6 people for FREE for several years. One guy had the...
  20. Marc_C

    There’s a TOMB RAIDER RPG Coming!

    Developed since 2007. Tested since 2009. So many things have happened since then in the RPG world. Reading the monster entries seems like a crunchy system. It better be very good without any obvious loop holes and design mistakes. Most games barely get internal testing with friends of the designer.