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    Is there a mini for.......(Thread)

    I was thinking we could use this thread as the place to post "Is there a mini for my new character......." type requests. I've seen other threads started for one specific mini and I've tried to help if I could. I know some of you folks have an encyclopedic knowledge of minis dating back to the...
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    Song of the Blade [Iron Heroes]

    Has anyone read or played Song of the Blade by Goodman games? It's a module that takes characters from first to fourth. It's pretty big (64 pp) and the premise is promising. There isn't a review for it yet, so any feedback anyone has would be greatly appreciated.
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    Iron Heroes - Conan Conversion Symbiosis

    Is anyone else considering using MGP's Conan as the setting for an IH campaign? I think it is a near perfect fit. The Conan Setting info is very solid and IH provides just the right heroic combat. Most of the REH archetypes can be created in IH with little or no tinkering with the classes. I...
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    Complete Domain List?

    Hello! Does anyone know if there is a complete listing of published Cleric Domains on the web? I've been googling my eyes out and I've had no luck. Ideally they would be WOTC, but d20 stuff would work too. My DM is working on his pantheon and he was hoping I could help him find a shortcut...
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    Leadership and Cohorts

    I was looking for an expanded list of cohorts and their level equivalents, preferably in the FR. I was really looking for a mount for my 9th level barbarian. I didn't want just ride a horse. I looked at an awakened warhorse, a Dire Horse or a Legendary Horse (both Masters of the Wild) and I...
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    Wanted: 3.0 to 3.5 Module Conversions

    I've been searching on the web unsuccessfully and I can't seem to find conversions for 3.0 modules. Specifically I have Nemoren's Vault and the Temple of Elemental Evil and the Return to the Temple of Elemental Evil modules and I want to update them for 3.5. Does anyone know where I can find the...
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    About Spray Primers

    I've been shopping around for a new white spray primer and I was wondering what brand some of you guys use. I have the citadel brand and it goes on a bit grainy and I fear to think of what it does to my nice brushes for my base colors. I've experimented in the past and found quite a few brands...
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    Extra Spell Feat from Complete Arcane

    Would the extra spell feat from the Complete Arcane allow a Wizard to learn a divine spell. From the Complete Arcane: That sounds like a go ahead to learn a divine spell to me, but some may disagree as it seems vague. Has anyone seen anything official? I checked the FAQ and didn't see anything...
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    Help! I actually can't find a PrC.....

    Hello! I'm making a backup character for my current campaign and I'm looking to play a Deep Imaskari Wizard with a concentration in Conjuring/Planar Ally type spells. Out of the hundreds of PrCs that are available, I can't find an Arcane Caster Class that enhances conjuring! I was already...
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    Brush Problem/Question

    After years of lusting after them, I finally picked up some of the vaunted Windsor & Newton Series 7 Miniature brushes! Things are not all well in Jockey Land though. The brushes perform very well and are very controllable but they have a habit of collecing dingleberries! It's a small bit of...
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    Improved Buckler Defense ?

    In the Complete Warrior there is a feat called "Improved Buckler Defense" and it allows you to keep your buckler AC bonus if you attack with your off hand. I was wondering does a character get to keep his buckler's ac if he is using a two handed weapon (Greataxe)? If not is there a seperate feat...
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    Reworking of Weapon Focus

    My DM and I have been thinking of ways to encourage weapon variety in our group. We are both not very big fans of picking a weapon at first level and sticking with it throughout your career. We have yet to see a PC use a lance on horseback. I'd like to see a more dramatic Conanesque use of...
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    [Closed] Storm of Blows

    In another thread I saw a reference to a feat called Storm of Blows. If someone could tell me where I could find said feat, I would really appreciate it. Thank you for your time.
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    Help! Looking for a good Pregen Map Book!

    I'm going to run a game where the adventurers are exploring a recently ruined city ala Mordheim. I plan on using the City State of the Invincible Overlord for the large map and the general description, but I need more maps! As the party will be exploring many varied buildings I would like to...
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    MN, Metro Area Star Wars Game Starting

    We are kicking off a Star Wars d20 campaign this Monday if anyone is interested. Just reply here or PM me. Thanks again!
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    Resurrection Survival Returns!

    With money and enough goodwill it seems that 3.0/3.5 parties are effectively immortal! IMC we see death as a mere inconvenience rather than a show stopper. We've been that way since 11th level (we are 21st now)! I know a character can choose not to come back, but with the no drawbacks with true...
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    XCrawl Character Build ??s

    Hey Folks! The Source in MN is holding an Xcrawl competition that will be 8 sessions long this summer. My weekly group is going to enter the competition and we were looking at character design. We'd like to use our group (LSIG) but they would be converted to Xcrawl PCs. You can use core 3.5...
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    AU meets FR

    My DM has expressed an interest in using Arcana Unearthed's spell system and character classes in the latest iteration of our long standing 3.0 FR campaign. We were already planning to switch to 3.5 and incorporate some alternative PC races, so some change was expected. He's sent us some emails...
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    MN Looking for Game in Twin Cities, Minnesota (Multiple Game Systems)

    I am looking for a Midnight, Star Wars, or Conan game in the Twin Cities. I live in Roseville and already have a weekly group, so I don't have to play every week. I have significant experience in RPG games and am fairly easy to get along with :) !