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  1. Riley

    "All Discussion" is broken

    "All Discussion" is no longer functional. Perhaps as a result of the addition of the Star Wars board?
  2. Riley

    Messageboard Golem vs. "All Discussion" forum

    Hello. I have noticed that the Messageboard Golem is now on some kind of a mission to compile posts from across the RPG web. I am sure its intentions are noble and worthy. Unfortunately, the Golem's efforts to document its mission have rendered the "all discussion" forum virtually useless...
  3. Riley

    The new title bar makes it almost impossible to read ENWorld on my iPhone

    I'd post a screen grab if I could, but in short: When I zoom in the screen enough to read the text Jan world, it's the new title bar grows in size so much that it eats up more than half of my iPhone screen. Also, I had to dictate this message, because I cannot read the text box I'm trying to...
  4. Riley

    Where to go for Gen Con reports and photos?

    Has anyone found some good blogs, photostreams, or even Twitter feeds for those of us who have to experience Gen Con 2014 vicariously? I'd love to see some pictures, and some reactions to the Next sessions and Dragonspear Castle and the like. Thanks in advance!
  5. Riley

    Is "All Threads" down, or out?

    I've been very happy to be able to follow ENWorld via the 'All Threads' meta forum, and I am sad to see it go. Is it coming back, or is it gone forever? Thanks, - Riley
  6. Riley

    Dark Sun: Any great published adventures?

    I've always loved Dark Sun as a setting, but never played any of the published adventures for the setting. I do remember reading a couple of them back in the day - and thinking that they were serious railroads. Still, I'd like to think that I just picked a couple of bad ones, or that I was in...
  7. Riley

    Any good adventures in Ravenloft?

    I'm working my way through TSR's back catalog, trying to find any great/'classic' adventures that I may have missed the first time around. In general, 2e and the 1990's seemed (to me) to be a pretty poor time for modules, with far too many "Scene 1," "Scene 2,"... railroads. One series that I...
  8. Riley

    D&D 3E/3.5 How does the rollout of 4e teasers compare to 3e?

    I had a general impression that we knew a lot about 3e nearly a year before its release, so I wanted to figure out if it's true. I couldn't find the information on ENWorld, but I found an archive of Eric Noah's news items on the Wayback Machine. Here's a link to a Wayback Machine archive of...