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  1. Minsc

    D&D 5E Paladin/possible sorcerer dip build help (Gritty Realism game)

    So, I will be participating in a gritty realism game shortly. Short rests take 8 hours, long rests take 7 days. I need to be the party face and tank. I love paladins anyway, so this is great. Wants: -6th level paladin aura -Heavy Armor Master feat -some cantrips (before TPK last game, we were...
  2. Minsc

    XGtE: are any of those flavor magic items any good?

    They seem like a lot of fun.
  3. Minsc

    Is using a familiar in combat to grant advantage a common tactic?

    I’m thinking of either an eldritch knight or arcane trickster build where some kind of bird familiar swoops in and grants advantage. This would be especially useful for a rogue who will get sneak attack virtually every turn this way.
  4. Minsc

    I stumbled upon an old fighter/ fiend bladelock guide. Does this really work? It just seems really, really good in this guide. I’m going to be playing in a PHB only game soon, and this is very interesting to me. Additionally, would you add a second...
  5. Minsc

    Combat Cleric help please.

    Hey guys. I'm not too familiar with 3.5. I'm playing in a game with a level 4 Cleric. I wanted to make a Cleric who would be good in combat, and heal as an afterthought, but I want to be mono-classed. I chose a dwarf (I love dwarves) Cleric of Haela Brightaxe. The war domain gave me the...
  6. Minsc

    D&D 5E Powergaming a Barbarian 5

    Point buy. Right now he's a Barbarian level 5. Half Orc. Stats are 18/16/16/8/8/8 Game is expected to go to about 15th level. Barbarian over level 5 is kinda lackluster. I'm thinking of multiclassing. Am I better with Rogue (Assassin) levels, and using a Rapier (unlimited sneak attacks with...
  7. Minsc

    D&D 5E Explainable multiclassing

    Do the DMs here make characters explain their multiclass choices, or do you just let them go with it? Does a new class take years to train in? Some multiclassing just makes sense to me. The Barbarian, exposed to a more disciplined lifestyle picks up Fighter levels. I can see any character...
  8. Minsc

    D&D 5E Has anybody ever made the story of Baldur's Gate (cRPG) into a campaign?

    I was brainstorming a bit on future ideas for games, and I think this one could really work. Thoughts?
  9. Minsc

    D&D 5E What setting is best for a first time DM?

    I want to create the best D&D "feel" for the players. Two of my players are brand new, and have never rolled a d20 before. On top of that, I'm new to being the DM. While I'm looking forward to this, I do want to make things as easy as possible. Thanks!!
  10. Minsc

    D&D 5E Anybody know of a site where I can download free pawns?

    I'm trying to get supplies to host my first game as a DM and pawns are a much more affordable option than buying tons of miniatures. Thank you.
  11. Minsc

    D&D 5E Explain to a guy who's never played spellcasters the difference between wizards and sorcerers

    I know in editions before this, sorcerers were often considered weaker because they didn't get spell levels as fast as wizards (they'd get their first 2nd level spell at level 4, while wizards got it at 3), but that isn't the case anymore. What's the skinny on these spellchuckers? What do new...
  12. Minsc

    Gamers wanted for a D&D 5e game in Morris County, New Jersey

    We're currently a group of three. Looking to add some more gamers, players/DMs are both welcome. So far, I'm the only player with any real experience gaming. I will try my hand at being the DM, but that's new to me. Hit me up if interested!!
  13. Minsc

    D&D 5E What class fills the tank role best? Fighter, Barbarian, Cleric or Paladin?

    I'm going to be starting an Out of the Abyss campaign next week, and this group plays by the books. 27 point buy, starting at level 1. I want to build a tank, somebody who can both dish out damage and draw the attacks away from the other PCs, who are much squishier than I plan on being...
  14. Minsc

    D&D 5E Point me to the rule please:

    I'm trying to find the errata/ruling that says you can't use an eldritch blast as your reaction attack when using the polearm master feat. Thanks.
  15. Minsc

    D&D 5E Gambit from X-Men in D&D

    I saw this on the WotC boards and thought it was interesting, as I always loved Gambit. I also thought it might get some more exposure here. How would you build everybody's favorite Ragin' Cajun?
  16. Minsc

    D&D 5E How would you make a Jedi in 5e?

    Using the current 5th edition D&D rules, as well as allowing Unearthed Arcana stuff, how would you build a Jedi in this game? TIA.
  17. Minsc

    D&D 5E Paladin/Druid build.

    I just read about this, I'm adding a few details but the idea isn't totally mine. Half Orc Paladin 2/Druid X. Stats: 13 in STR, WIS, CHA. Otherwise, they really don't matter too much. The basic build idea is to shape-change and do a lot of damage this way. Circle of the Moon Druids excel...
  18. Minsc

    D&D 5E Mirror Image and Sentinel

    If I have Mirror Image on my character, and he's attacked, but the attacker actually targets an illusion, does Sentinel trigger and my character gets an attack as a reaction? If so, can I add sneak attack damage to this?
  19. Minsc

    D&D 5E Need help maxxing out an Arcane Trickster

    Hey guys. I just joined a new group. They're a bit power-gameish, but I really like the people. I decided to create a Human Arcane Trickster (although I am considering half elf or even eladrin). I'll be joining the game at 5th level. Any tips or tricks you guys can give me so I can make...