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    Dog's Bones 2022 thread

    Dog's Bones, then and now. A couple of clear bones... Gem Dragon: Treasure Golem:
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    Reaper Bones 6 - Tales from the Green Griffin

    Bones 6 Kickstarter is up...
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    Bar drink made from bartop leftovers

    Okay, so I've had this stuck in my head for a couple of days... I looking for a word that refers to the leftover alcohol from a bar-top. I know there is a modern iteration -- "Bar Mat Shot" and it's pseudonyms-- but that's not what I'm looking for. I'm guessing it came from a D&D module, or...
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    Meta thread

    Is there a polite way to ask someone to stop posting in your thread? Asking for a friend.
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    Paizo Any good High Level Adventure Paths, starting at lvl 10?

    Currently GMing a PathFinder (1e) campaign. started with a homebrew mix and match of "modules" which lead to a campaign arc from lvl 5-10. Now the players want to conintue, but I don't have any good high level campaign ideas or source material. Are there any good Adventure Paths that...
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    Generic Miniature Painting Thread

    Dog's Bones Skip to the end: Reaper's Bones: Sophie's Revenge, completed
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    dog's bones 2020 -- 12/31 Gargantuan Green Dragon

    Welcoming in the New Year! (2019 thread) Hope to wrap up my current Reaper Bones this year -- we'll see :)
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    Reaper Bones 5 live on kickstarter - a.k.a I'm gonna need a bigger boat (wallet)

    ... and already at $1/2 million pledged. I skipped on Bones 4, but getting back in on 5 , just in case I need more to paint :) EDIT: 30" long ABS plastic multi-level ship
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    [Reaper Bones] Scale dilemma

    So, getting ready to base couple of reaper bones monsters: "Land Shark" & "Were Shark". Both models are similar sized (the were shark looks bigger due to poise). Both are in the middle ground of Large & Huge. By stats (3.5 SRD or PFSRD), the Bulette is Huge and the were shark is Large...
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    2019 - Dog's Bones -- Creepy Crawly

    I decided to start 2019 with a new shiny new thread for my painted miniatures. Here is the old link for reference And to kick things off, I give you the Tarrasque (aka Reapers Bones KHANJIRA The World Breaker): (I tried to get a oily, reflective effect for the back scales (i.e...
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    [Dice] What's this die?

    Looking for the origin and associated Table for the custom die below. I believe it is a D&D 3.0 organized play reward, or at least around that time frame. Any ideas?
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    Settlers of My Back Yard

    So, for my son's graduation party, we set up a lawn sized Settlers of Catan. People played in teams (which rotated some as people came and went from the party).
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    Misc Geek Talk = Off topic?

    Not usually one to complain, and I know there is a similar discussion occurring here in Meta regarding trolling --- but the Misc Geek Talk Forum has started to become an OT dumping ground (butter knives?). Would it be possible, even if short-term as things settle down, to create an OT forum...
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    Reaper Bones II kickstarter --It's Over! $3mil reveal inside

    Reaper has started a SECOND kickstarter for their Bones line, to add additional figures to their lineup. It started today and has already topped $200,000. I've started painting my first set (see my thread in the Misc Media forum), and love them. I've already jumped on this one as well...
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    [Miniatures] Dog's Bones - 2018 ->Dec 18th - Animals

    UPDATES:: Adding a links to the latest models: 12/15/2018 - Animals 07/01/2018 - Gargantuan Necronaut 06/04/2018 - Charnel Hound 05/27/2018 - Greater Cadaver Collector 05/14/2018 - Misc Males parts 4 & 5 05/12/2018- Misc Males Part 3 03/27/2018 - Misc Human Male PCs (part 1 & 2) 01/27/2018 -...
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    please delete thread

    MODs, please delete this thread. I am creating a new thread in the appropriate forum (misc. geek & media). Thank you.
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    I need a new desktop computer - recommendations?

    My current Dell XPS is about 6 years old and while I hate to start over , it has been getting radom BSOD errors and I haven't been able to pin down the issue (although I'm still trying). So, I've started looking for a new system. I have gone with Dell in the past, but their current offerings...
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    GenCon -Family Day question

    During GenCon, on Sunday (or "Family Day"), is the majority of the Exhibit Hall still open, or have most vendors packed up by then? I took the whole family last year on Saturday, but the girls really just want to walk around the exhibit hall, and that would be cheaper (badge-wise) to just bring...
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    King of the Nerds

    Any one see it, besides me? Any thoughts? At least they put together a variety of Nerdy/Geeky stereotypes. And the house does have a lot of "nice" (i.e. geeked out) furnishings and decore. Over-all, it is very cheesy, but so are almost of "reality" shows in one way or another. I'll probably...
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    website design

    I have a friend who has used FrontPage in the past to create his small business website. He is looking at updating his site, and creating a new site for a new business. What would be a good choice? I'm not sure of his technical skills. Thoughts on: 1. Notepad 2. KompoZer - Easy web authoring...