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  1. hawkeyefan

    Die RPG Kickstarter

    Die RPG Kickstarter This went live today, and has already funded! It’s based on the comic book by Kieron Gillen and Stephanie Hans, which I’d recommend to anyone on this site. Just a great comic that involves so much RPG history and examines why we game and how it affects us. Kieron Gillen...
  2. hawkeyefan

    Thousand Year Old Vampire- a play through

    So for Christmas, my wife picked me up a copy of Thousand Year Old Vampire by Tim Hutchings. It’s a kind of solo- storytelling RPG of sorts. It’s got some really interesting game mechanics that involve replacing old memories with new ones as the vampire gets older and older. Less and less of its...
  3. hawkeyefan

    Spire: The City Must Fall

    So after a year and a half of only playing online, my group and I just started a face to face campaign of Spire: The City Must Fall (by Grant Howitt & Christopher Taylor of Rowan, Rook, & Decard) so I figured I'd start a thread on it. I'll post some thoughts on setting and on the system, and...
  4. hawkeyefan

    Tracking Character Harm/Health in Games

    So there was another thread about RPGs that people hate, and the topic turned to hit points. This got me thinking about the games I've played, and how they handle tracking damage to characters, and the effects (or lack thereof) of that damage. So I didn't want to continue derailing that thread...
  5. hawkeyefan

    DIE by Kieron Gillon and Stephanie Hans, Comic and RPG

    DIE is a comic book written by Kieron Gillen and illustrated by Stephanie Hans. It's a new take on the concept of RPG players being transported to the fictional world of their game, much like the D&D cartoon of old. As teenagers in the 1990s, a group of 6 friends vanish into the game, and 5...
  6. hawkeyefan

    Character Death Variant

    I was thinking about how to possibly make 5E a bit more dangerous as it relates to PC death. I think I came up with a decent option. I’ve not yet tried it in play, but I wanted to run it by folks here for feedback, suggested changes, and unnecessarily harsh criticism! We start by removing...
  7. hawkeyefan

    D&D 5E 5E Feat Option = D&D On Easy Mode?

    This poll is inspired by the many, many threads that have brought up (or been hijacked by) discussions on the use of Feats and their impact on game balance, and the design intention of the 5E developers. Many see Feats as being a great source of options for a PC, and a great way to...
  8. hawkeyefan

    Matt Colville’s Strongholds and Followers

    Matt Colville’s Strongholds and Followers So the PDF for the record breaking Kickstarter project is available now to backers and preorders. I’ve downloaded my copy and begun to peruse it. I haven’t read a lot of it on detail yet, just skimmed a good amount and read a few sections that caught my...
  9. hawkeyefan

    Thank You! EN World Still Growing After 20 Years!

    I jumped into this thread for some white room analysis and was ready to start shouting “SUBOPTIMAL!!!!” But it appears I was way off. Good to see traffic is growing. Seems like another good sign for the hobby.
  10. hawkeyefan

    Does Your Group Allow Homebrew or 3PP Material for D&D Games?

    Mine does, although so far we haven't actually used any, other than a couple of minor tweaks to the core material for flavor's sake. A few items were brought up and discussed and we said we'd try them out, but then they were never followed up on. So although right now everything in our game is...
  11. hawkeyefan

    Firbolgs - A PC Race From VOLO'S GUIDE TO MONSTERS

    Interesting. A bit of a departure from depictions in earlier editions. Much more nature oriented...seems they're playing up the fey aspect based on the Celtic origins of the race.