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  1. eondesigner

    Sale 3D Printed Metal Dice – Cyber Monday Deal!

    On November 29th, Shapeways will offer 10% off for Cyber Monday. Code: CYBER2021 Deals @ Shapeways are rare, and lots of custom dice and miniatures available, so make the most of it while the offer is on. Here's a link to my own custom dice sets:
  2. eondesigner

    Cthulhu D20

    Hi all, Here’s another shameless plug of my wares that hopefully a few of you will be interested in. I’ve designed a new metal dice (available through Shapeways) inspired by the works of H P Lovecraft, specifically the nightmarish creature Cthulhu. I’d appreciate any feedback or questions from...
  3. eondesigner

    Metal Dice!

    Hi, I’d just like to share a link to my newly created metal dice over on Shapeways, a company that uses technical wizardry to produce physical objects from people’s imagination (ok, from digital models). I would love to hear what you think about my...