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  1. KiloGex

    D&D 5E [Updated 2019] Fralex's Expanded Alchemy: Ingredient-foraging rules, extra items, and more

    I would absolutely love to see this in a PDF! Great concept.
  2. KiloGex

    [Custom Class] Soul Warrior v2

    Brief backstory: We're changing over to 5E soon - from Pathfinder - and one player has a class that just can't be copied over. So, we did this. Currently, we're in version II, having had the preliminary outline torn apart and built back up thanks to all of you...
  3. KiloGex

    Custom Class: the Soul Warrior

    Psionics actually come from an all manner of mental traits. Since there are no psionics in 5E yet, we reached back to 3.5 for this, and in this instance we went towards the psychic warrior who is Wisdom based.
  4. KiloGex

    Custom Class: the Soul Warrior

    Thanks for the feedback! We're looking into altering Soul Traits slightly, but I absolutely see what you're talking about in regards to the number you get; 9 abilities that can mimic magical items is kind of tough to swallow. Good point on the +2 of the soul weapon/armor, too. With the way it...
  5. KiloGex

    Custom Class: the Soul Warrior

    We will be (finally) switching over from Pathfinder to 5E in a few weeks, and thus far the transition is going smoothly. That is, except for one player who is currently playing a soulknife/aegis; both 3rd party psionics classes. Instead of attempting to shove it into the warlock pact of blade or...
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    D&D 5E What are the Roles now?

    I'm going to agree with most people here, and say that roles are a thing of a past edition at this point. So long as you're playing with the basic rules (and by that I mean without any DMG alternate rules) and have a well-equipped group, you could be just as successful with 5 wizards as you...
  7. KiloGex

    D&D 5E How They Should Do Feats

    And I think that a lot of people now are ever in search of more rules light systems to get away from the minutia and number-crunching that D&D has evolved into between 3.x and 4. I don't know many people who have played either edition and have said "I really like the system, but I wish there...
  8. KiloGex

    D&D 5E How They Should Do Feats

    Wait. So you want to give feats AND have them boost stats? So basically, you want your character to be a god by level 20?
  9. KiloGex

    D&D 5E How They Should Do Feats

    So with this method, a fighter could also choose to never take a feat and instead bump their Strength to 32 without a single bonus from equipment. Personally, I would much rather be able to adjust my class abilities with a pick & choose, instead of having a dozen minor feats to select. Again...
  10. KiloGex

    D&D 5E How They Should Do Feats

    You're correct; I don't agree with you. So you want to give less class features, yet then give 12 feats to every character? At this point, you're basically creating small variables between classes, with the majority of differential depending primarily on the feats that a character chooses. I...
  11. KiloGex

    D&D 5E How They Should Do Feats

    So...You want 3.x and 4E? Then go ahead and play those; nobody is forcing you to move.
  12. KiloGex

    D&D 5E How They Should Do Feats

    It's something I do like. I prefer telling the story of how/why someone has become an adventurer, rather than writing a backstory explaining all of these adventures that they've had before this new life. And a 20th level wizard in 3E is far more powerful than a 20th level wizard in 2E. And a...
  13. KiloGex

    D&D 5E How They Should Do Feats

    You do realize that 5E is attempting to get rid of the power creep that was started in 3E and continued in 4E, right? After all, your character isn't even considered a true adventurer until 3rd level. By 20th level, they want your characters to be near super-human, but not god-like as it was...
  14. KiloGex

    D&D 5E Should Next have been something completely new and made from scratch?

    This makes no sense; they did make an entirely new game from scratch. While it's true that they wanted to make the edition feel like AD&D, they aren't pulling any mechanics or traits from it. Rather, they have lowered the power creep of 4E, lifted the creativity of 2E, and shaken up the...
  15. KiloGex

    D&D 5E Playing the Game vs. Reading the Rules of the Game

    Without playing 4E, you wouldn't know what you liked and what you didn't like. While overall I disliked the edition, there were a small handful of things that I found intriguing. I don't regret any of it, because it gave me perspective and ideas.
  16. KiloGex

    Pathfinder 1E Pathfinder Players: What would you be playing/buying if PF didn't exist.

    I'd be playing either 3.5 or Iron Kingdoms. I tried 4E and disliked it, so there's no way that I'd find that as an alternative to PF.
  17. KiloGex

    Pathfinder 1E Current Pathfinder Players: Are you considering switching over to D&D 5E?

    I'm definitely going to switch to Next once I get a chance - I'm not going to do it mid-campaign, but I'll definitely be doing it very shortly after. While I love PF, I'm wanting for a simplified and very off-the-cuff system at this point in my GM career.
  18. KiloGex

    D&D 5E To what degree will you use (or are you using) miniatures and a battlemap for D&D Next?

    My table only uses minis 1/3-1/2 the time anyway, and I don't think that's going to be changing with Next.
  19. KiloGex

    D&D 5E ALL ABOARD!!! Should rules for climbing big opponents be a part of the Core rules of D&D Next?

    I'm a no, but not for that reason: Next is supposed to be a more rules light system than 3E or 4E. DMs need to be able to make stuff up on the fly using a basic list of rules, and starting to add things like this just takes away from the creativity of the players and DM. Would you need rules...
  20. KiloGex

    D&D 5E Playing the Game vs. Reading the Rules of the Game

    I sincerely hope that this is not a common occurrence, as I'd like to think that people wouldn't pre-judge an entire system simply by reading a handful of unfinished beta rulebooks. However, it appears as though at least a few people have done so, unfortunately.