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  1. dmccoy1693

    Pathfinder 1E [JBE] Book of Magic: Spell Codex Volume 1

    The Book of Magic: Spell Codex Volume 1 is coming soon. Read about what is book is about and one of the spells in the book at the JBE Blog.
  2. dmccoy1693

    Pathfinder 2E What Would You Like to see from a PF2e Compatible Publisher?

    Alright, so I launched my first PF2e compatible product two days ago, and well let me be very generous and say sales are slow (find it at DriveThruRPG and Paizo). So let me ask you all here: what would you like to see from a PF2e compatible publisher?
  3. dmccoy1693

    Pathfinder 2E [JBE] Unleash New Monsters on Your Game with the Book of Beasts

    Danger and Death Awaits in the Forbidden Woods Deep in the heart of the Forbidden Woods lies a group of monsters too terrifying for most to face. Animals of enormous size, creatures part spider and bear, terrifying crocodile beavers, and things much, much worse. Only the bravest heroes dare to...
  4. dmccoy1693

    D&D 5E [JBE] Our D&D 5e Titles are 30% Off at DriveThruRPG During the GM's Day Sale

    Loving D&D 5e? We've got deals for you. Our 5e titles are 30% off right now at DriveThruRPG during the GM's Day Sale. We've got monster books, playable races, adventures and much more. All of them 30% off their regular price. See what we've got for your game today. Go to DriveThruRPG today and...
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    Pathfinder 1E [JBE] Our Pathfinder 1e Titles are 30% Off During the GM's Day Sale at DriveThruRPG

    Still playing Pathfinder 1e? We've got deals for you. Our PF1e titles are up to 30% off right now at DriveThruRPG during the GM's Day Sale. We've got monster books, NPC books, playable races, adventures and much more. All of them up to 30% off their regular price. See what we've got for your...
  6. dmccoy1693

    Pathfinder 2E JBE Pathfinder 2e Blog

    Jon Brazer Enterprises has started created Pathfinder 2e material on our blog. Checkout our first monstrous creations: Mushroom Guardian Addanc Kobold Horde
  7. dmccoy1693

    Starfinder Black Friday Deal on Star Battle Backdrops

    Looking for some amazing backdrops for your next space battle in Starfinder? We've got the Black Friday deal just for you. Grab yourself 48 Star Battles Space Battle Maps for only $10. That is 80% off the regular price. Download today at DriveThruRPG before this bundle goes away.
  8. dmccoy1693

    [Traveller/JBE] Kurland Cluster Worlds, of Danger and Opportunity

    A Cluster of Danger and Opportunity Born from the same nebula, these Imperial-ruled systems border Solomani space. Here, tensions between the Solomani Party and the Imperial government constantly threaten trouble. Caught between are the aliens and ordinary citizens just trying to make a better...
  9. dmccoy1693

    Pathfinder 1E [JBE] The Christmas in July Sale 2021 is Going on Now!

    The Christmas in July Sale is going on now at DriveThruRPG. You can grab just about all of our Pathfinder 1e titles for 15-25% off their regular price. Take the Book of Beasts: Character Codex Subscription. You get 80 NPCs right now and more as the series progresses. And right now you get it for...
  10. dmccoy1693

    Pathfinder 1E [JBE] Unleash Slayer's on Your Pathfinder Game

    Intelligent Melee Fighters and Deadly Ranged Combatants Do your PCs need to hire a tracker that can deal serious damage? Does your upcoming session need someone that can bring the pain to the toughest members of the group utilizing unexpected tricks? Are you seeking ideas for the terrible power...
  11. dmccoy1693

    Pathfinder 1E What Should An Encounter Codex Look Like?

    For those of you that don't know, I am working on a Character Codex for Pathfinder. We've completed 3 of the 12 classes going into the book (Warpriests, Magii, and Witches), Slayers is heavily into the editing process, and Arcanists is being written now. One thing in the back of my mind is the...
  12. dmccoy1693

    Pathfinder 1E JBE Pathfinder Blog

    We at JBE are frequently creating new Pathfinder monsters, NPCs, and player options at our blog. Check out our Pathfinder creations today. Our latest is the Equitaur, a horse-themed minotaur based on the Filipino monster tikbalang. If you enjoy our Pathfinder blog, support it for only $3 by...
  13. dmccoy1693

    Pathfinder 1E [JBE] A Very Special Anniversary

    It was ten years ago this month that JBE released the Book of the River Nations: Complete Player’s Reference for Kingdom Building to the world. This book who’s name is exceedingly too long introduced Pathfinder players to our books and the quality of work we put into our material. This book...
  14. dmccoy1693

    D66 Compendium 2 is Now on Fantasy Grounds

    Names and Ideas to the Rescue! Never be without the perfect name for a futuristic gambling game, military base, space ship, or character ever again! Make game preparation easier and be ready when your game takes a turn toward uncharted systems. Have a name ready for every planetary feature...
  15. dmccoy1693

    Pathfinder 1E JBE's PF 1e Books on Sale at the Open Gaming Store

    Almost all of our Pathfinder 1e books are on sale right now at the Open Gaming Store. See all our products at OGS today and download while they are available at such a great price.
  16. dmccoy1693

    25% Off on Traveller RPG Products at DriveThruRPG

    DriveThruRPG has many awesome TravellerRPG products available at 25% off right now. Grab JBE's awesome supplements today. If you're looking for our 2e MGT products, click here. If you're looking for our 1e MGT products, click here. If you're looking for individual d66 lists for any Traveller...
  17. dmccoy1693

    Starfinder Sale on Space Maps for your Starfinder Games over VTT

    DriveThruRPG has a sale on Traveller products going on right now. For Jon Brazer Enterprises, that includes our Star Battles line of space maps, perfect for space ship encounters in Starfinder. Head to DriveThruRPG today and get 25% off select maps. Stock up now and get yourself the perfect map...
  18. dmccoy1693

    Pathfinder 1E State of the Enterprise 2020

    Check out the State of the Enterprise 2020 and find out how Pathfinder 1e stacks up to our other systems.
  19. dmccoy1693

    Starfinder Have Epic Space Battles Near a Lonely Asteroid over Your Favorite VTT

    Have the Perfect Map for Your Space Fight! Is the secret base hidden inside an enormous asteroid? Is this huge space rock hurtling towards a planet and the players the only ones that can stop it? Now bring these scenes to life on your virtual tabletop and inspire awesomeness in your games. Star...
  20. dmccoy1693

    Pathfinder 1E JBE's Pathfinder 1e Black Friday Bundle is Going on Now

    Let’s be honest: 2020 sucks. Make it suck a little less for you by grabbing for yourself one of JBE’s 2020 Black Friday Bundles, available all month long. That’s right, this month is Black Friday. I mean, it’s 2020, how can you tell which day of the week it is? Can you prove that today and...