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  1. m0dredus

    Homebrew Homebrew: Gunslinger Ranger Archetype and accompanying Gunfighter Combat Tradition

    Hello everyone! I've been working on a while on spinning up a workable Gunslinger class for A5E, and quickly realized I needed to make an accompanying Combat Tradition and set of maneuvers. I would love some input on these before I let my player use it. I tried to make this all work with the RAW...
  2. m0dredus

    Master of Nine expansion?

    Hey all, I've recently been looking into the Master of Nine prestige class from BoNS. My problem is one many have posted on before me: "I want a character that has the level 9 maneuvers of each discipline." Though instead of taking a bunch of multiclasses, prestige classes, bloodlines, magic...