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  1. Larnievc

    D&D General Dragons maybe shouldn't roar.

    “As you whirl around, your sword ready, the huge, red, fire-breathing dragon swoops toward you with a ROAR!” See? Dragons roar.
  2. Larnievc

    D&D General IS the 5 min work day a feature or a bug?

    Funnily enough it has never happened in my group that has been playing together for the last nearly 4 years. I’ve been lucky.
  3. Larnievc

    D&D General Read The Beginning Of Dragonlance: Dragons of Deceit!

    I wonder if they will use time travel to retcon things for the new Dragonlance setting.
  4. Larnievc

    D&D General How "Real" is your world?

    My worlds have verisimilitude but run on Pratchet’s narrative causality.
  5. Larnievc

    Level Up (A5E) Races from the Multiverse book

    So I was glancing at the new race format in MPMOTM and if you leave out the stat boost they seem fine to bolt on Culture and Background (but not heritage) from the Level Up books (although there are no paragon powers). Am I missing something obvious?
  6. Larnievc

    D&D 5E Armour as Damage Threshold

    Yeah. It’s the armour bypass role. And if you have a shield you negate all damage on a roll of a on 1d6. Good times.
  7. Larnievc

    D&D General Is power creep bad?

    It annoys me but I’ve got used to it.
  8. Larnievc

    Level Up (A5E) Getting Started With Level Up

    It’s not so much that they are stronger than their CR might indicate more than their CR is more dependable as a measure of danger and they have a few more interesting options than MM mobs. But any third party monster book will do that for you. I try to avoid MM mobs for that reason.
  9. Larnievc

    D&D General Which colour do you think of first when you think D&D?

    Same for me. The Red basic box set was my first exposure so I blame it on that.
  10. Larnievc

    D&D General Xp rewards for defeating monsters

    Too much effort for so little return. The last encounter my party had with a troll under a bridge they aced the group stealth check and walked right past it. Boom. Full xp. Can’t see the value attached to the added granularity and an inventive party would heal the mob to get more xp.
  11. Larnievc

    D&D General Monster Manual vs Volo's vs Multiverse

    To be honest I’d go third party e.g. Tome of Beast. You might even get a pdf.
  12. Larnievc

    Level Up (A5E) How compatible are splat book spells

    Ah, of course. I was specifically thinking about Tasha’s and Xanathar’s.
  13. Larnievc

    Level Up (A5E) How compatible are splat book spells

    One of the players at my table asserts that the splat book 5e spells are significantly more powerful by level than A5E spells and are as such incompatible. Anyone with experience in this area?
  14. Larnievc

    D&D General [+] What do you like most about DRAGONLANCE?

    Crikey. Reading that tugged at a heart string I’ve not tugged in over thirty years. “Look Raist, bunnies”.
  15. Larnievc

    D&D General [+] What do you like most about DRAGONLANCE?

    Minotaurs. Reading the Legend of Huma and reading about Kaz was amazing to my teen self who used to have a childhood fear of the Minotaur of Crete. Kaz being a fellow of wit and discretion was simply wonderful.
  16. Larnievc

    Level Up (A5E) Hit Dice for Exertion Points: Should be immediately Available. Temporarily.

    I’d keep it simple and say you just spend the HD and be done with it.