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  1. p_johnston

    D&D General [+] What do you like most about DRAGONLANCE?

    I really loved the dragonlance books. Especially the original two trilogies. To this day the ending of Test of the Twins still makes me cry. Overall the Dragonlance books just had a lot of really good characters. I can't think of a single one of the original party I didn't love (even...
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    D&D 5E What are your 5e houserules

    Over time I have used (and discarded) a lot of house rules. Many times I've found the mental overhead of having a whole lot of house rules can easily outweigh the benefits. That being said I still like to tinker and see what works. My current house rules are 1) I have a homebrewed feat system...
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    D&D 5E DMs, how do you fudge?

    So I will say I actually do this. I let players use inspiration to re-roll any dice they or an opponent roll. So far at least it hasn't had had to many serious downsides. I'd say it's 50/50 used to either re-roll critical checks or to negate a critical hit from an enemy. Worth noting that I...
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    D&D General How do players feel about DM fudging?

    Yeah that's probably more right. I ended up positive because I find fudging (used judiciously) acceptable. If it's something that happens a lot though there's a problem either with the DMs ability to create encounters or their ability to run the game.
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    D&D General What is your roll with your gaming group (or groups)

    I've been the main DM for my group since we started playing. I would say about 90% of games have ended up with me as a DM with occasional small breaks. More recently though a couple of players have been stepping up to the plate more often to try their hand at DMing which is a nice change of...
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    D&D 5E DMs, how do you fudge?

    So I used to fudge a fair bit when I first started to DM and have done so a lot less as the years have gone on. I've found that after years of being a DM that I can usually accomplish the narrative goals I want with other means then just changing the numbers on a monster or a roll. (NPC...
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    Why is everyone so down on Charm Person?

    Holy crap that shows how much I look at the dates of these things. Didn't even realize it was that old.
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    Why is everyone so down on Charm Person?

    So I've always considered charm person and it's kin to be in the same category as killing for d&d terms. By which I mean that doing it with bandits and random monsters can be justified but if your doing it to townsfolk it's probably evil. Frankly regardless of what you are using the spell for...
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    Describe your last rpg session in 5 words

    Crit, Crit, crap they're dead.
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    D&D 5E Campaigns or adventure anthologies?

    So I prefer the campaigns because I am a lazy, lazy man and usually don't want to put in the effort to make a whole campaign but I also like having long running campaigns with overarching plots. I've run 4 of the Campaigns that wizards have put out and while I usually end up changing a LOT of...
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    D&D 5E Removing Attack Rolls -- and maybe more? (Game Design / Theory Discussion)

    So if your just pooling all attacks together before all attack damage together before applying DR it does help with balance. With that I think that it would make trying the system out playable, however I would still be hesitant to use it. There are still a few issues 1) Pooling all attacks as...
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    D&D 5E 5E Survivor - Deities (Part 4: Eberron) Olladra Advances!

    Arawai (Fertility) 16 Aureon (Magic) 12 -2 = 10 Olladra (Luck) 14 Onatar (Forge) 12 The Traveler 12 The Blood of Vol 13 +1 = 14 ( excellent all even numbers) The Path of Light (Enlightenment) 16
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    The DC Extended Animated Universe- A Consideration

    ..... Snarf I'm now going to have to get at least a month of HBO max and I blame you. More seriously I really enjoyed the DCAU. I was born in '92 so a lot of the tv series (batman, batman unlimited, justice league, etc) were a decent part of my viewing staples when I was growing up. The most...
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    D&D 5E 5E Survivor - Deities (Part 4: Eberron) Olladra Advances!

    Arawai (Fertility) 16 Aureon (Magic) 14 Dol Arrah (Sun) 8 Olladra (Luck) 15 Onatar (Forge) 14 The Traveler (Chaos) 16 + 1 (Chaos!) The Silver Flame 8 - 2 = 6 (down with the tyranny of flame!) The Blood of Vol 13 The Path of Light 15
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    D&D 5E Removing Attack Rolls -- and maybe more? (Game Design / Theory Discussion)

    So I do like the concept of not having an attack roll just damage but I'm not sure 5e is the system for it. So the big problem is that 5e is really not built to deal with Damage Reduction (DR) very well. (Note: I've tried introducing DR to my games before so I do have some actual play...
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    D&D 5E Realism and Simulationism in 5e: Is D&D Supposed to be Realistic?

    So in terms of Realism and Verisimilitude I thinks it more a matter of where you (and your group) draw the line then a hard yes or no. We live in the real world. We all understand (to varying degrees) how it works. I know that most people can pick up a rock but not a car. I know that falling...
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    D&D 5E Why is animate dead considered inherently evil?

    So the short answer is in your game creating Undead is as evil/neutral/good as you want. If your player want's to play a Necromancer and not be stoned to death then probably don't treat it as evil. In broader terms I generally default to creating undead as an evil act for a few reasons. 1) The...
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    D&D 5E 5E Survivor - Deities (Part 4: Eberron) Olladra Advances!

    Arawai (Fertility) 16 Aureon (Magic) 15 Boldrei (Home) 1 -2 =-1 (Let's whittle down this list) Dol Arrah (Sun) 20 Olladra (Luck) 19 Onatar (Forge) 16 The Traveler (Chaos) 20 + 1 = 21 (Let chaos reign) The Silver Flame 18 The Blood of Vol 15 The Path of Light (Enlightenment) 15
  19. p_johnston

    D&D General How to be a Better DM: One Size Doesn't Fit All

    So I will preface this by saying I really enjoy critical role, just as I really enjoy a lot of streaming D&D games. I have also stolen ideas, stories, and parts of my GMing style from both it and other games I have seen streamed. In many ways watching Critical Role is just watching a bunch of...
  20. p_johnston

    Two Movies: Free Guy and The King's Man

    The king's man was... Bad. Worse then I expected by a fair degree. The story zig-zags between deadly serious and silly. I also felt that the pacing of the plot felt really odd at points. Maybe because it's meant to take place over the entirity of WW1 and I was never sure how long it was between...