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    D&D General How "Real" is your world?

    My current campaign has a Jules Verne/pulp era level of realism. Overall, I strive for logic in my worlds, rather than realism.
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    Do you have a favourite dinosaur?

    Or ... maybe it's dead because it couldn't eat with its front arms? (I imagine its back legs weren't much use for eating either.)
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    D&D 5E +What Tricks and Shortcuts Do You Use To Make Monsters and other Hazards More Challenging?

    For intelligent antagonists, I like to set up healing traps around their lair - single use only, of course. Works best with undead, where you can set up negative energy traps to heal the baddies but harm the PCs if they stumble across them Another thing I've done with spellcasters (3.5E) is to...
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    Do you have a favourite dinosaur?

    Not sure about "favourite", but I've always felt a lot of sympathy for Bobby.
  5. Far Side dinosaur.png

    Far Side dinosaur.png

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    D&D General Travel In Medieval Europe

    Well, sailing is more efficient than travelling by road ...
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    How Many Minis Do You Have?

    No idea how many I have - hundreds, at least, possibly as many as a thousand. Several of my boardgames include minis, so just for War of the Ring and Battle of the Five Armies that's probably at least 300 minis.
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    D&D General Dragons maybe shouldn't roar.

    Brown noise, perhaps that's what causes dragonfear?
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    D&D General Travel In Medieval Europe

    But avoiding the challenges is still part of the adventure. The PCs can't just appear at the vampire's coffin and roll for initiative.
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    D&D General Travel In Medieval Europe

    One possibility might be to incorporate the journey into the adventure: perhaps not the entire trip, but definitely as the party gets closer to their destination the effects of whatever challenge they're heading towards might become visible. They can't just walk up to the dragon's lair, they...
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    D&D General Travel In Medieval Europe

    For an interesting variation: The forgotten medieval habit of 'two sleeps'
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    D&D General Travel In Medieval Europe

    In The Halfling's Gem, Drizzt, Wulfgar and the rest cross the Calimshan desert overland because they can't get a ship - the assumption is that anyone going to Calimport will go by sea. And of course they get set up and attacked by bandits.
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    D&D General Check Out This Demogorgon Mini!

    A gargantuan miniature?! (That makes me want a mini of a Giant Space Hamster.)
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    Space Adventure RPGs

    I think one deterrent in "science fiction" is the "science" part, or at least the fear of it. People are put off by the thought of having to make allowance for the laws of physics. "Fantasy", on the other hand, implies a freedom to make up the rules yourself. The irony is that the science is...
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    Buying to not use

    To be fair, that's probably true if you only have the Mentzer Basic and Expert sets.
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    Buying to not use

    Shut Up & Sit Down have a very lengthy review of it: Review - Nemesis - Shut Up & Sit Down
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    Buying to not use

    I have tons of books and gaming material that I bought purely to read and draw inspiration from. I haven't bought much since the days of 3.X, though: I know I'm most likely never going to switch to a new system now (or get my groups to). On the subject of Aliens: has anyone ever played the...
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    The difference between Ad&d 1st and 2nd edition?

    One difference, as I recall, was that 1E had the "XP for treasure" system, which 2E didn't. Only the XP tables weren't adjust accordingly, resulting in impossible XP requirements at higher levels. I seem to remember that a magic user would have to kill a dozen great wyrms single-handedly to go...
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    D&D General Travel In Medieval Europe

    Obviously they don't need to protect the entire road - just travellers who make the appropriate offerings.
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    D&D General Travel In Medieval Europe

    Unfortunately, for those of us without 7 League Boots (which is probably pretty much everyone in the world apart from you) normal walking pace is about 3mph (or 5km per hour). If you're travelling from one village to the next, that's the maximum speed you should allow for. (There's a point...