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  1. Patlin

    Looking for ideas on Nature type skill challenges

    If the PCs were hired to retrieve the MacGuffin, you could have a bonus based on how quickly they retrieve it. The cash bonus could be determined primarily by the skill challenge.
  2. Patlin

    Invoker's Blaze / Implement Focus

    Thanks! I'll also have to weigh whether I'll actually remember to apply the additional bonus when bloodied. I'm not sure I want the one more thing to calculate, and I'll have at least a few non radiant, non fire powers.
  3. Patlin

    Invoker's Blaze / Implement Focus

    My DM pointed out that there is now an implement focus feat, and I was wondering how that interacts with Invoker's Blaze. Can anyone tell me if they are both feat bonuses? I'm wondering if they stack.
  4. Patlin

    Armor thrull token on white knight?

    My son is 6, and I don't think he's quite up to making his own deck yet. I was considering getting two copies of the magic game off of Steam, though. You lose the deck building part of the experience, but at this point I've put 5 or 6 decks together and I'm just letting them pick which one...
  5. Patlin

    Armor thrull token on white knight?

    I've been breaking my magic cards out of their decade long hybernation to play with my kids. I'm not sure if the rules have changed much in that time, but I give the time lapse in case it effects the answer. Does the White Knight's "protection from black" ability prevent it from gaining a...
  6. Patlin

    Drowning and "strenuous activity"

    Since the only particularly clear example of a strenuous situation on page 159 of the DMG is not only combat, but taking damage in combat, I'd say the bar has to be fairly high, and picking a lock wouldn't do it. Any insight as to why your DM concluded otherwise?
  7. Patlin

    Home Made Dm Screen

    A convenient wealth per level chart would be nice, especially if it had both absolute values as well as change from the previous level.
  8. Patlin

    Encounter Advice for Lopsided Party

    In my experience with 4e so far, it handles non-optimal parties well and without need for adjustment in encounter composition. Four strikers, a leader, and no defender should work fine. This is in significant contrast to other games, such as WOW, where the composition would be suicidal. I...
  9. Patlin

    How ubiquitous is the Superior Weapon feat?

    I felt the same way until I found these.
  10. Patlin

    OA's while phasing...

    Of course, then it's the total cover and total concealment that would prevent the OA from triggering, not the phasing. Also, you may need to shift as you sink down into the ground to avoid triggering an OA before the cover and concealment apply.
  11. Patlin

    Protector's Shield Feat

    Yeah, I've gone through and picked most of the feats I'll want, and I'd have trouble fitting Protector's Shield in. One interesting thing is that I've found the shaman, unlike the swordmage, doesn't have much incentive to swap out heroic tier feats for paragon feats. I'm not actually taking...
  12. Patlin

    Protector's Shield Feat

    I'm trying to evaluate this feat. At first glance, 1-8 additional damage on an ability I expect I won't often get to use (our group, including the DMs, avoid provoking OAs as a general rule) seems trivial and unworthy of a feat. However, it occurs to me that there may be a "hidden" benefit...
  13. Patlin

    Swordmage: Help grasping the concept, please

    I've found lightning lure to be situational but effective. I probably use sword burst three times as much, but it occasionally helps me set up an opponent who has moved into a corner in order to avoid being flanked for a quick take down, or to alter the dynamics of a fight in a 5' wide...
  14. Patlin

    Swordmage: Help grasping the concept, please

    My single target damage at levels 1 through 10 has been pretty bad, in part because I concentrate on AOE damage. If I'm attacking a few targets at a time, my overall damage is probably fine. Wouldn't want to compare my numbers to the party ranger though. He's a tad insane in the damage...
  15. Patlin

    Swordmage: Help grasping the concept, please

    I love my Shielding Swordmage. He's all about forcefields and teleports, and rather than trying to take all of the hits myself I reduce the chance to hit and the damage done by the foes I mark when they try to hit my friends. I am frequently able to maneuver such that the marked enemies can't...
  16. Patlin

    "I tuck the sunrod in my belt".

    I think sunrod sticking out of the backpack is fairly standard for my group. In 3rd edition, I frequently had continual light cast on some piece of equipment, such as a non-magical amulet. The expense was only noticeable in the early levels. In 4e, my Druid likes the ritual (darklight?) that...
  17. Patlin

    Bonuses to "can be used as a basic attack" powers?

    Yes, with that special line you can get the benefit otherwise only available to a basic attack. In general, the power is functionally a basic attack for the particular class, so it does not feel like an exploit to me. For example, a wizard uses magic missiles in the same way that a fighter...
  18. Patlin

    Allow Monks to take martial feats

    Wouldn't a multiclass feat to any martial class solve this problem, even without a house rule?
  19. Patlin

    Effects - do they require a successful hit to work?

    Also, please note that "effect" is a term of art in 4e. If the power says "Effect:" the listed effect happens on a hit or a miss. If it says "Hit:" that's not called an effect and whatever comes after only happens on a hit.
  20. Patlin

    BLEB1: Beer Run (stonegod - Designated Driver)

    Rio has an idle thought: one should be cautious when delivering sealed messages.