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  1. JohnTaber

    Why Do You Hate An RPG System?

    Re: Mouseguard. Gosh I agree. I am such a huge fan of the source material and of Jared but this game is full of fiddly bits. I think Mausritter is closer to what I was expecting but gosh somewhere in between would be the best. :) The only systems that I have "hated" are ones where the...
  2. JohnTaber

    Vaesen – Mythic Britain and Ireland: A Deeper Look At The Game And Latest Kickstarter

    I agree with GMMichael. You should have used all the wonderful artwork from the main book...cause there is a ton of it...and it might have cut down on the confusion. ;) I played Vaesen with a group of gamers that I run. In my opinion the setting, folklore, and arework are where this thing...
  3. JohnTaber

    The HERO System

    Hero Pros and Cons Hi Pete: I have been playing Hero for a very long time. I'll try to answer your questions at a very high level. You can get very involved and detailed thread on the Hero message board which is extremely active. First some very quick background. I have run Hero for just...